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Sometimes it takes so less


… to get spam messages, and unwanted / uninvited PM messages on your Profile and Forum profile…
Just to say that I’m a girl does not allow you to behave like a desperate male in search of a couple.
If you’re having hormonal problems just take a cold shower, but do not bother me.
You know who you are.
Your messages have been flagged and Customer Support knows about them.
It’s a stupid way to lose your Fiverr Profile over a girl who is too much for you to handle.




Ok fine, it wont happen again…

(Sorry, now Mod mode is activated again)
All users should be aware that contacting others can be flagged to mods and reported to CS.


If it would be you I’m sure your approach would have been 10.000 times more charming and intelligent…


I think you may be mixing me up with @cyaxrex


My approach isn’t charming. I usually just kiss the girls and make them cry. This is why I sleep with a Chihuahua. - It’s purely platonic mind you.



Is the place turning to partner searching? :slight_smile: hunting grounds? But you didn’t have to out him that way, that is not a way to treat love, love should be welcomed lol.
The guy must have too much time in his hand, maybe I should hire him to do few tidious low paying jobs of course provided he start talking cold showers. :slight_smile:


I bet time is not really what he must have in his hand (literally speaking).
These situations are the reason why I’ve removed my picture and videos from my profile. I cannot deal with the idea that someone would re-create a kind of Ancient Egypt’s Min Ritual in his own room, by looking at them, that idea makes me feel sick.
At least in Facebook I can control who can see my pictures, but here not…

Please do… but not for more than $5!


:slight_smile: of course $5 is the highest I can go for his services not to mention that I am not allowed to go lower, hoping that will keep him busy from harassing the ladies.