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Sometimes not getting email notifications about new orders [ARCHIVED]

I noticed that from time to time, the automated email notification system doesn’t work, and people are ordering gigs from me without me being aware of it (I don’t get orders on a daily basis, so I kinda count on these emails to let me know of new orders).

Have any one here also encountered such a problem?

Never, you sould report this to costumer service. And now i feel like i should check my queue status everyday just in case.

I suppose you foun out you had orders going because of your queue status?

I was facing same problem, but later i discovered that the mails were delivered in spam section.

I haven’t had this problem but then I am always checking my fiverr page all day long.

Never! You should report to Fiverr Customer support.

What happened was that yesterday I got a warning mail that I’m late delivering the gig… And I always deliver early. So I checked and apparently I never received the notification mail. And it’s not in the spam box either.

Anyways, thanks guys. I gonna report this to customer support. Cheeeeers

I haven’t had this issue but have an issue with getting withdrawal emails at one point. I am sure Support will help you sort it out but that is no fun to get a late delivery warning.

This is why i always check fiverr directly instead of relying on my email.

This happens to me on a REGULAR BASIS. I would say that about 25-50% of the time I do not get a notification from fiverr when a gig has been ordered or a customer submits their info. I get fiver gig orders only every 1-2 weeks and I am too busy with other things to check my fiverr order page on a daily basis. Sometimes the FIRST notification I get is that I am late on delivery.

They are most definitely not going to my junk/spam folders either.

I have submitted complaint tickets to fiverr customer service several times but get nowhere. They insist that everything on their side is fine. I have come to accept that this is a very unfortunate, frustrating, and permanent drawback to using fiverr gigs. I sincerely hope that fiverr will address this issue.

It has happened to me too. I complained to Customer Support about it too.

Ive never had this issue either… on my gmail account.

I too have never had this happen.

Got this problem in 2013.

it was working fine for me since last 3 months. But now missing emails, not even spam folder have them. :-S

I get 2 emails per order which is annoying itself. One has a . at the end of the subject line and one doesnt so my inbox gets clogged sometimes!!

I often do not get notified when an order has been completed. I contacted customer support to complain, and Jay told me this:

"You should always be notified via email on a delivery. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folders daily as the message may from time to time end up there."

no apology. No “this is an issue we are trying to fix.” More or less called an idiot or a liar by customer support. I’ve just had 2 orders come in in the last couple of days with no email notification in the inbox or spam. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to fix it, they are basically saying the issue does not exist.

I am having this issue too, just contacted Fiverr Support, I hope they will do something about it. I didn’t had any issue earlier.

Well as I am viewing my comment, I see that I am being showed as a level 1 seller, in fact I am level 2. Anyone knows about this issue ?

It takes time for the system(s) to repopulate.