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Sometimes, words speak louder than actions

I’ve been noticing a slight uptick of Sellers seeking advice on how to deal with Buyers who want to cancel an order after it has been completed, or delivered.

Thankfully, the advice given is generally, “Don’t cancel. You did the work. You deserve to get paid.” Or words to that effect. This is a good, because that is the correct (and dare I say, only) answer.

If your Gig clearly outlines the parameters of what you will provide for a specific amount of money, and you deliver an order accordingly, you’re in the clear, both professionally and in accordance with Fiverr’s Terms of Service. The subheading of the ToS, “Order Cancellation,” is instructive:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

If this provision applies to you, you have the high ground. If the Buyer requests a cancellation, refuse. If the Buyer asks CS to intervene, show them both the verbatim quote above. Stand your ground.

Yes, chargebacks happen, and yes, it would appear, based on some experiences outlined in these Forums, that CS does not always adhere to the ToS in terms of acceding to cancellation requests, but honestly, these incidences are few and far between.

The worst that will happen with a delivery which a Buyer is dissatisfied with but cannot cancel is that she/he will give you a 1 - star rating with unsavory feedback. If that happens, let it happen.

Stop cancelling orders just to avoid negative reviews. This practice is part and parcel of the reason why Sellers are evaluated on a monthly basis now, its legitimate issues notwithstanding. It didn’t necessarily have to be like this, but it is, and if we’re really being honest with ourselves, we as a group are partially to blame.

You are at liberty to ‘set the record straight’ in respect of any negative review you receive. I’ll tell you something else: the most discerning Buyers don’t care about negative reviews so much as they care about your responses to those reviews. I can confirm that as a Buyer, one of the first things I look for is the responses a Seller gives.

Is the Seller being professional? Has she/he taken the time to explain the circumstances surrounding the review? Is it a case of the Buyer being genuinely troublesome? Or were her/his concerns real, and the Seller failed to address them when it mattered most?

Sellers who give generic responses to negative reviews (especially detailed ones), or who don’t respond to said reviews at all, are Sellers you may want to think twice about conducting business with.

Finally, I realize that ratings are a metric that needs to be looked after for maintaining Levels or preventing demotions, but I would argue that it is better to be demoted as an individual Seller than to cancel a delivered order out of fear of a single star, which can demonstrably have adverse consequences for the rest of us.


Excellent point! In case I ever happen to be a victim of this in the future, I will definitely stand my ground and try and explain the situation to CS to the best of my potential.

This is debatable imo… I think it depends on the type of buyer you are dealing with in that particular situation.

If the buyer is a kinda person who neither communicates properly/gives appropriate instructions/directions required for the completion of the work, nor pays heed to all the messages/deadline extension requests we have sent, only to comes back 5 days after deadline completion to leave a 1 or 2 star review saying - “not satisfied”, I don’t see what’s wrong with cancelling such orders before the deadline finishes.

Fiverr brought in the completion stats which now affect promotion/demotion to do exactly that. Some sellers were cancelling orders to avoid negative reviews.

This is why all cancellations now count against sellers for all reasons (sadly).


True… Sellers should only use it as a last resort when dealing specifically with the type of buyers I described in my earlier post. Obviously, they have to deal with the consequence of lowered order completion stat.

Sorry - I disagree I’m afraid.

Orders should never be cancelled to avoid a negative review.

Why spend the time doing the work etc. if you’re quite happy then give it up by cancelling? Doesn’t make sense to me.


I still don’t get the point about this :roll_eyes:


I am not sure if my explanation was clear enough…

I was talking about a very specific case where the buyer doesn’t communicate properly… only to come back after an eternity has gone by to leave a 1 star review… That’s possible right? When you don’t have enough time left in the order deadline and when you have a buyer who is non-responsive… what else can we do other than sending a request for extension (in hopes that the buyer will respond to it) or contacting CS to cancel the order? Not much, right?

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It’s never happened to me. The buyer orders, I deliver exactly what I say they’ll get. No room for a 1 star review because they know what they’re getting before they start. The only ‘less than 5 star’ reviews I’ve had are the 4.3/4.7 app errors.

Quite deliberate on my part. :wink:


Makes sense…

Even I ensure that I get ALL the relevant information required for completion of the order before I take up the order. I also explain exactly what the customer will get in return after I finish my work.

However, I have read a couple of such cases (like the one I explained in my previous posts) posted here in the forum.

Regarding @offlinehelpers last comment, and besides real scammers, I wonder how much of the cancellations ranting is due to seller not delivering what has been offered in the gig and ranting users won’t say and much less recognize :thinking: :wink:


@hanshuber16 mostly, my buyers always hard to communicate properly, but I always make sure too to ask the buyer to give me all the requirement(s) that I need in the beginning, so I just deliver the final project and done, both are happy. :hugs:


Bingo! There are always :two: sometimes :three: sides to a story. I’m sure some of the people ranting up a :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: storm. Don’t share the FULL story, just telling us bits and pieces of the story to gain empathy.


This was something I’ve been thinking since a long time now but, as me being new, I didn’t have enough time to consolidate that point.


I’m sorry to say but CS don’t follow the Fiverr TOS as mentioned above. Sure, every seller needs to stand s/he’s ground and get paid for a project he completed. The thing is, CS wont even ask you, wont try to hear your side. Once a buyer contact CS to cancel an order- it’s cancled. They’ll say, as always, that they can’t force a buyer to accept a delivery s/he’s not satisfied with. That’s even when you delivered exactly what your gig description mentions.
That means, that in that case, a seller will have a bad review and will not get paid for an accomplished project. That’s a lose lose situation.

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