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Somthing wrong with my gig


Hello guys. I had my gig working fine when yesterday I accidentally clicked delete while clicking preview in my gigs menu (thanks to my phone’s sticky interface :-L ) and since then everything in my gigs stats is going backwards. :frowning:

My gig is no more showing up in search results either I type my username or any of the keywords that i have used :-(( :-((

What should I do now. Please help guys :frowning: :frowning:


Looks fine to me.


Reply to @madmoo: Hey Moo, It actually did happened. Impressions went from 75k to 72k, clicks from 464 to 457 and pageviews from 527 to 513. I didn’t said that I deleted it, I clicked and then it asked do you want to delete and ofcourse I selected no. And actually I didn’t thought of that either, but seems like that isn’t working either the stats are still frozen at same count. But thanks anyways. Cheers!