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Song Covers - Am I allowed? (Copyright)

Might be an obvious question.
One of my buyers has asked if I can create an orchestral cover of an existing song.
The buyer says they won’t be using it for commercial purposes. However, I will be making money if I do this gig and create a cover of the existing song. I do not own a license for the song. Am I legally allowed to do this?

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The actual question is more like, “is the buyer allowed to showcase this?”.

Playing/remixing/covering existing material as an activity itself is completely fine - personal use is not a crime and legal.
Licensing is all on the buyer’s end. What they do with your paid performance is all on them. You just go ahead. :smiley: At worst, use a placeholder audio/video file for the live portfolio so the actual content isn’t public on Fiverr itself.

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