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Songs Sung by artist

Well, I ordered a gig or 2 allowing young artist to sing one or 2 of my songs.

Now I notice , that young artist has filled another gig , using MY SONG!

That doesn’t go over very well with me.

hmm wow ya I can see how that would bother you did the artists just steal your lyrics or is actually selling the same track ( file )

Speak with him. Talk about it and look more into the situation.

What agreements did you make?

Don’t be too harsh :wink:

:slight_smile: Joe

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Yikes…can anyone say ‘copyright infringement’? As the others suggested, contact this person & politely ask them to cease & desist or that you will have to file a complaint about them to Fiverr, which could certainly get their account cancelled. If the response isn’t satisfactory, then follow through. Is it possible that the artist didn’t know it was your own material? Thought it was open domain or something? Anyway, good luck.

Oh wow. Seller now claims SHE owns the " other" account as well.

It gets , ummmm , complicated.

And, sent this email when I told her I was going to the forums about it:

FRAGGLESROCK left you a message in your inbox:

“Technically speaking, I LOST money over it because I had to pay myself out to upload the gig and Fiverr takes a $1 commission on every sale. Therefore, not only did I NOT make a sale on the transaction, but I LOST money over it. The information on the backened of that account matches my information on this account AND is linked to my Facebook account. Therefore, even if you tried to dispute it with Fiverr or a discussion forum it would render useless as I could easily prove that I own both accounts.”

It’s not allowed to “own” two accounts.

It’s not allowed (or legal) to use someone else’s intellectual property or copyrighted material.

Who gives a monkey’s chuff if it cost her money to steal from you?

Report her to Customer Support immediately. This forum offers no solution other than sympathy and general advice - for anything to actually be done about this, you have to contact CS.

By the way, ‘calling out’ other users isn’t allowed. Best of luck to you - assuming there isn’t more to the story, I hope the seller gets banned and can’t figure out how to make a new account and start over. :wink:

No I won’t report her to anyone.

But it seems kinda crazy to me for someone to have 2 or more accounts and ORDER from yourself with one in an attempt to build up the other!

I do well to maintain the one account , myself!

Well, I think its odd that you won’t report someone who is breaking the terms of service and who has stolen from you, but, it’s your decision.

pokiecatt said: to have 2 or more accounts and ORDER from yourself with one in an attempt to build up the other!

People buy fake Facebook likes here all the time - they almost always disappear and can even get the account they were bought for shut down. Folks do strange things in an effort to promote themselves. To each his own, I suppose.

The artist didn’t " steal" from me. And as for her talent, she is very talented vocalist.

What she did was " fill" an order for a " gig" using one of my songs she had sung for me. But as she states, she ordered her own gig from another profile she has on Fiverr.

Just sounds stupid to me.

Well, dear, I’m confused, then. When you opened this thread you said you ordered a gig or 2 and “allowed” a young artist to sing 1 or 2 or “MY” songs, and that you discovered that she’d then fulfilled another gig using “MY” song! You complain that this didn’t sit well with you.

You implied that she had stolen “YOUR” song for her own use, and by posting in an open forum you solicited comments about this.

Now you say she’ not stealing.

So why did you post in the first place?

celticmoon said: Well, dear, I'm confused,

Me too! Oh well. :)

No, at no point did I use the words " steal". She used the song she had sung for me to fill an order that now, she claims, she ordered herself. I’ll never use her services again, for sure. She can fill her own orders!