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Sonic Style Art Gigs!

Howdy hey, everyone! Remy here, you might know me from DeviantART or Tumblr. You might have even seen my gig around.

So here’s the link-

It’s available in 3 packages, and all of them will be a full-body digital piece drawn on MS Paint using only the curve, bucket and inverse eraser tools.

Tier One: The basic package, draw one of your existing sonic OCs/fursonas. Flat colour, you can request a specific pose and either a white, grey, or one-colour background. You need either an existing OC with a detailed description/reference sheet, or a picture of yourself and the animal you’d want me to draw. If you do the latter, I’ll simply draw you in sonic style in that specific pose/outfit and pick a fur colour that goes well with the outfit colour. Pricing $5USD

Tier Two Specific Scene Bundle, draw one to two existing sonic OCs with props and a minimal background. You need existing OC(s) with a detailed description/reference sheet. I will take ‘redraw this photograph’ scenes, BUT you need to message me first before you can order this one because it might be a bit too difficult for me. I want to give you my best work and if the background is too detailed or the pose is too complicated, I will have to decline. Thank you for your understanding.Pricing$10

Tier Three Create-A-Character/Redesign with reference- Have an OC you drew when you were 12 and want to give them a redesign? Or just want a new character and have an idea, but no idea how to go about it? If you give me an old picture of the OC or a few basic things about the character you’d like (Species, Gender, preferred fashion style/colour scheme, name) I will (re)design you a character in a complete reference sheet. The reference sheet will have a full-body front view, full-body back view, headshot side views, and a colour reference chart. Pricing$25USD

Add-Ons, all $5USD Shading to a piece, alt. outfit to a reference, additional revision

Please feel free to boost/spread the word, follow me on Deviantart, and ask any questions you might have!

EDIT I also wanted to let all of you know that I do have a full time job on top of this which is why the ‘estimated time’ is 2 weeks, as I can only work on my art on days off. I tend to have 3 days off a week and a piece will take anywhere from 3-6 hours, not including breaks. Please be patient when you order and I will try to give you my best work in as little lime as possible. Thank you! All money recieved from gigs will go straight into paying off debt, and I need to pay of at least 1k before November so all signal boosting helps me greatly.

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