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Soo...I cannot verify myself

11 Hours ago I was asked to verify my identification and on 3 attempts that failed. I made sure to follow the procedure very carefully.

I emailed them 11 hours ago too and nothing still.

Is this normal?

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Help me please. This is horrible


What exactly did the initial email say?

Hi akilaugustus,

We weren’t able to verify your identity, since we don’t accept this type of ID. Please take another photo of your official ID, and make sure it’s from our list of supported documents.

Depending on your location and birth country, you may be able to provide the following types of identification:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National identity card

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Customer Support specialists.

The Fiverr Team

This was the first email

Hi akilaugustus,

Sorry, we weren’t able to verify your identity after multiple attempts. Therefore, your account has been restricted. You are still able to complete your active orders but cannot place or receive new ones. Please note, you can only communicate with your buyers with whom you have an active order.

If you experienced any technical difficulties, please contact our Customer Support specialists. To learn more about ID verification, please visit our Help Center.

The Fiverr Team

This is the second

This may be helpful to you:

Also, if you type “verifying ID” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may also be helpful.

Hmmm… So which ID did you submit at first - then which did you submit as a follow up?

Firstly, my country, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, was not listed, but it shows up on my seller’s profile. So i clicked a country from the caribbean, Saint Lucia. I used my National ID card, but then Saint Lucia own only takes passport and I used my passport and then i got the second email

I submitted a request to the Customer Service 1 was “solved” but the problem did not go away. Instead the request was closed for comments

So, it seems like out of their acceptable ID list - you submitted 2 … You might have to wait patiently until CS gets back to you.

Oh… strange - what was their response when the ticket was marked as resoved?

There was no response

Did they mark your initial email as resolved without any kind of response? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes sir, they did. Im sad

Seems strange…

I would try reaching out again, and seeing if you get a different response
You might want point out that the first ticket was marked as resolved without any explanation or response.

You should contact CS and specifically point out where you’re from. You should start with this and possibly send them a wiki link. Because I wouldn’t be surprised if they “forgot”/didn’t take into account that smaller countries exist. It’s possible that you’re the first-ever fiverr user from your country and this is where the issue stems from.

You can also contact CS directly through


Ah Thank you. I will send them an email now

take some time and do it carefully