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Sooo has anyone had any success with buyer requests?

I’ve had one response from 110 requests and that ended up in a mutual cancellation as the buyer thought I’d be happy to write five 750 word reviews for $5.

So as the title says, has anyone had much success from answering buyer requests?

I sent out about 50 or so, received no responses, wrote it off, then got a response back from the buyer requests that turned into a $90 custom order…

So, there you go.

Well, i am yet to get an order through buyers request. I will keep working on it, perhaps it would work eventually.

My first 2 orders came from buyer requests.

Yes I have been successful. I have had about 7 orders and one custom order for $60 from over 200 requests. I believe you just need to be diligent and patient.

In my experience, buyers using the buyer request feature seem to want a lot of work done. Often, more work than the average five dollar gig provides.

When I was offering a high word count, I got a couple of responses. When offering lower word counts, I got nothing back.

Buyer request! Its still working, but it seems that most of new seller use it, level 1,2 seller did it some time.

Reply to @sara1984: I can second that!

Reply to @sara1984: I saw someone last night who wanted an ebook written that would net a billion dollars (yes, that’s what they wrote), and their budget was only $25. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. :))

I’ve gotten 18 orders created from buyer requests, a few have ended in mutual cancellations though.

Reply to @maddisont:

Hehe. That may just be deal of the century if he finds someone who can do it. :slight_smile:

176 offers sent. 19 orders created. So as you can see, it’s better to concentrate on the quality of your gig titles, gig descriptions, gig images, keywords, etc.

As a buyer personally, I’ve bought several gigs as a result of the buyer requests. Most of my requests were for things which I researched and couldn’t find any relevant gigs for on Fiverr but sometimes they were just for things which I contacted multiple sellers for but none could do it (like esoteric fan fiction). Putting the requested up there allowed me to find the one seller who was always a fan of that show I liked and ended up resulting in a large purchase.

Another benefit I’ve recently discovered about buyer requests is group projects. I’ve got a request out at the moment which requires a collaborative effort from several writers (and I have already signed several up). Though many writers are willing to participate, as a buyer you can’t find them from looking at their gigs since being the only writer with a gig entitled, “I will be one writer in your collaborative project”, isn’t likely to get you many sales.

I have sent out about 10 requests. I received one response and I have finished the job. So yes, it works.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I’ve actually been fairly lucky with it; 132 offers sent, with a return of 33 orders created - That is almost a 1 in 5 success rate. I suppose it requires a lot of patience, though! It only takes a few seconds to hit the send offer button, and it could be a worthwhile few seconds if it ends up netting you a custom order of $55, like one did for me!

I’ve had some frustration as well with mutual cancelations.

Although, I’ve actually had some success with the buyer requests. It’s definitely worth doing everyday as it doesn’t take but a few minutes to send out your 10 limit.

Since there are a lot of offers sent to each buyer request, you have to make your service stand out. In just 220 words you must write something compelling right from the get-go. Let’s say the buyer request is title “I want to rank on Google”. Then you can directly start with something like “How would you like to be 1st on Google in X days?”. This will instantly catch the attention of the buyer! You have to be provocative guys! Otherwise you will be just like everyone else and you will not be picked to provide the service. Also, very important is the representation of your gig i.e the video, the thumbnail of the gig, the description, the level of English, etc. Everything has to be perfect guys. :slight_smile: Hope this helps someone.

I love the buyer requests. In addition to getting orders (although not nearly as many orders as I submit bids for), it’s given me tons of ideas for gigs.

I haven’t done it in a while because I have a pretty steady stream of orders now, but I see that you can now add a message and customize the bid. Back when I was doing it all you could do was submit a gig, and half the time it wouldn’t let you submit the gig you actually wanted to promote. It’s come a long way.

The only thing to watch out for is that, in my experience, some of the people posting buyer requests don’t know what they want, don’t know how to communicate what they really want, and/or they’re difficult to work with because they were too lazy to actually look for gig that matched their project.

Reply to @maddisont: you just made my day. All downhill from here.