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Sooo has anyone had any success with buyer requests?


Reply to @maddisont: I often just read through the buyer requests to get a good laugh. I’m not lying. It’s like Fiverr’s own “just-for-laughs” section. It’s amazing what some people expect to be done for $5…

An eBook for $25 is ridiculous to start with, let alone one that is expected to net a billion dollars. Hopefully that was just hyperbole, but something tells me it wasn’t…


I’ve done about 38 created of around 300 offers sent. I never send to something with over 10 offers already sent unless it’s a 110% match with what I can provide.


I have 11 orders created out of 516 offers sent. Least to say not very successful with them.


thank to you


I have almost send offer 723, but i am created 5 order, but i am happy from that,…

So i ask you something when offering request the cost must low or high and how much that we can get any response from buyer…

Any tips…?


I received a response from one buyer request, but I had to decline it. It was too big of a project and I had the impression that the buyer was not willing to offer much in exchange for job that would likely take me like a month or more to complete.

But, all in all, I think it depends on the buyer, just as much as with gigs. Some will make ridiculous demands, others will lead to great business.

What bothers me is, I see a lot of sellers advertising their work in the buyer requests area. When I am searching for requests, I want to see actual buyer requests.


i think you just gotta be patience. If what you supply matches their demand, then you might have higher chance of conversion.


I got a single order from there.

I should buy a gig to help me sell my own gigs… :confused: it seems i suck at this :<


in about 7-8 months on fiverr i sent more than 1000 offers on buyer requests, i got about 20-25 orders from it.


Thanks for everyone’s feedback!

I’ve done a few experiments with buyer requests and managed to get my response rate close to 18% but I’m still suffering from the same problem everyone else seems to be having… buyers expecting a lot for a little.


I am sorry to hear but buyers request was the first way I got a job, I had to wait awhile, hope you get a job that meets your requirements.


You’ve already posted your thread about this, so please stop spamming other threads!


I sent out hundreds of replies to buyer requests. None of them even acknowledged my offers. The buyers get multiple offers from sellers. So they ignore the sellers they don’t want to work with. It’s OK, because I get my orders from buyers looking my gig portfolio through organic search. I will leave it at that. I am not going to spend too much time replying to buyer requests. But I will still continue to respond to buyer requests every once in a while.


Honestly NO… I have sent out tons… but have only landed 1 sale.

However I don’t think my gigs really lend themselves to it. It really seems like something for logo designers.


I’ve had at least two orders from those and sent out about a little less than 200.


In new layout i cant find how many orders i got from buyer request. before i could see … many orders created.

So today i dont know how many but yes i received order from buyer request :slight_smile:


I have gotten a few high paying gigs ( much more than $5 because they were asking for a lot) so even if I only get 1 a week from buyers request, it seems worth it to check out every day since it takes just a few seconds :slight_smile:


It is definitely worth the time to send out 10 request each day. I have had quite some luck with it =)


I’m new to Fiverr and the whole Request concept seems flawed if people are allowed to respond unmoderated and try to cheat the system.
I placed two genuine requests for video work and so far every response has been from someone who clearly doesn’t offer the service I require, they are just trying to get me to buy an unrelated service (mainly SEO and Stock Imagery)
Surely the system could be better. I have to categorise my request so why let a seller who has no gigs that even remotely match the topic be allowed to reply unmoderated.