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Soooo annoying! SELLERS creating GIG requests to get BUYERS to contact them


I always browse Buyers Requests for potential work. Lately I see a lot of SELLERS posting their GIG REQUESTS on there, as if they were buyers looking to hire a gig. Sellers are using GIG Request feature to do this.

AND they are getting GOOD hits/responses!! Ugh!


They usually contain bad grammar. I’ve wasted a few of my offers just to tell them.


Reply to @cheezees: Whoa! Yes that’s pretty dirty. :frowning:

I guess for now one has to take screenshots and send to Fiverr to show who is breaking their TOS… ?

Thanks for taking the time to explain…


I wish I understood what you meant!



For example, a valid buyer request will state: I need a 45 min transcription completed in 1 day.

This is obviously from someone looking to pay for a service.

An invalid buyer request will state: I will do a 45 min transcription in just 1 day.

This is obviously from a seller looking to be paid for a service.

The buyer requests is like a “help wanted” section. It makes no sense for someone who also wants help to post a response to any of these. It’s like sending your résumé to yourself, hoping to hear the “good news” that you got hired! What???


I see it frequently as well in the programming section.


It’s pretty prevalent in the writing section as well. Always annoying because I think I’m offering something to someone who needs what I can offer, but turns out to be a seller trying to desperately get more work.


I am seeing this as well. Is this allowed?

Perhaps Fiverr can make a “Seller Requests page” (Although that might seem redundant as the whole point of offering gigs is to make sales)

(First time posting on the forum, I read the “Dos & Do Nots page” and I’m not sure if we are allowed to bump old threads?)

frane413 said: AND they are getting GOOD hits/responses!! Ugh!
Probably not. Since it is sellers who are "reading" these requests. More than likely the offers are coming from sellers throwing darts at any and all requests hoping for a bullseye..


Yeah I’ve seen this too and while I guess one or two might catch someone’s eye (a seller who also buys on Fiverr etc.) it’s meant for buyers!

I doubt they’d get much traction from doing this, but in any case it is slightly annoying.


I was under the impression Buyer Requests were being moderated now, which makes me wonder why quite the volume of spam seems to be getting through. I can only assume the responses are probably from the same people that are just clicking every request they can in the hope of getting some kind of response so I wouldn’t take that as too much of an indicator as any kind of success.


Gig requests are approved by fiverr. If fiverr is not filtering out these gig requests, then someone is not doing their job properly OR maybe such requests are acceptable in the buyer requests. I don’t know what the rules are but all gig requests are approved and only then they appear in buyer requested gigs.


I don’t even go into buyer requests anymore in part due to this.


Reply to @wiseman05: It’s fairly easy to tell who is a Seller. Just click on the username. But yes, there needs to be filtering.