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Soooo... how bad does it get?


Hi :slight_smile: I’ve been here a couple of weeks as a seller and am enjoying it, but I unfortunately did just have to submit my first complaint to customer service. Boo hiss.

So my question is: how much bs is there around here really? Obviously there’s a stereotype about freelancers having to accommodate bizarre requests and unreasonable demands but how true do you find that is? Have you had any crazy issues and did they get resolved?

(Context about my complaint: I had a buyer order three of a design gig. When I delivered it he requested a modification, but when I asked what he wanted modified he just insulted my work and said it looked like it was done in a few seconds. Definitely not claiming to be a world-class designer but I have a gig portfolio up and all my other reviews have been positive so far… I contacted CS because he’s being totally unresponsive to questions and I don’t want to have to cancel and hurt my rating!)


Hi luckygutsy :slight_smile:

Your work is fine, but some buyers tend to be a little bit bully. A buyer who is not interested enough to view he’s seller’s messages and notifications is indeed not the best buyer to deal with. But don’t worry! fiverr is an amazing HUGE market, and I’m sure that the majority of buyers here are great people to deal with.

Have a nice time :slight_smile:


Design seems to be the category with the most problems from what I can see. Probably because art is so subjective. It does seem impossible to please everyone when designing something from scratch. Just do your best, stand your ground and don’t take sh*t. :slight_smile:


If you do make any additional contact with this buyer, be sure to keep it professional. If CS gets involved and can see that you made every reasonable attempt to help out this customer, they’ll have your back.

Best of luck. Hang in there - there are a lot of amazing buyers out there.