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Soooo many orders cancelled by admin. :(


I’m not really ranting, just upset. I keep getting orders where the buyer does not fill out ANYTHING, and within an hour, the order gets cancelled by Fiverr Admin. This is of no fault of my own, that I know of. I have filled out over a hundred orders with no complaints that I am being vague. I even give an example of what I expect under the ‘instructions’.

But I do realize that cancellations, no matter for what reason and who initiated it, is hurtful towards a seller.

It’s a NICE BIG SHINY ORANGE BUTTON. I dunno about you, but my husband and I are broke enough to know where our $5 goes to when we buy something. I understand that some people are just careless, but ever since I hit level one, I get at least one cancellation a day. (That’s four now.) =/


Is it the buyers cancelling through Admin?


I have no idea. All I know is that the gig got purchased and then Fiverr Admin cancelled it about an hour later. They are all different buyers too…

I mean I have one cancellation where the buyer said “I accidentally bought your gig!” but the rest didnt say a word.


Reply to @mrspanda: Hmm… I would contact customer support about this and ask them why your gigs are continuously being canceled by admin.


There is a trend at the minute of orders being cancelled by buyers via PayPal or by Admin there is little You, I or Customer support can do in these cases, it’s been discussed at great length here in the forum, it’s unfortunate, I too have lost money as well as a few regular sellers you will see poking around the forum, look here for a thread that wasn’t started too long ago:


Ozzie, it’s not that I have delivered. It is that I didnt even get a chance to SEE the order yet and it’s getting cancelled. I have contacted CS to which they said it was not my fault, but I’m still getting the cancellation. I read from other threads that it affects you, no matter what type of cancellation.


Reply to @mrspanda: Yes, that is correct. It does affect you whether you do the cancellation yourself, or if Fiverr Admin does it for you.

If it’s a mutual cancellation, it affects your levels… whether it be holding you back from being promoted up a level or causing you to lose a level or two. It does not affect your rating.

If it’s a forced cancellation, it affects your rating, which also affects levels as your rating has something to do with levels.


Well, my rating has not been touched yet, thank goodness… I’m just wary of my Level because I JUST got level one. I’ll be so poo’d if I lose it over something out of my control. -_-


Reply to @mrspanda: it is a shame when you work hard for it and a cancellation is placed on your account I think the system need a overhaul to make it fair for sellers too where they didn’t initiate the cancellation


seogawd, sometimes I wonder if you’re trippin out. :smiley:


facepalms – I 'm not a fan of all this “automation” I see on fiverr. They make enough money from us to hire people to actually be humans and oversee things waay better… whats the deal here? =/


Reply to @seogawd: I’m really sorry you feel that way, the few forum sheriffs here have absolutely no control over gig placement or administrating things on the main site, we are here to answer any questions you might have about the community as well as keeping the peace. What are your specific concerns? We might be able to answer any questions you might have or direct you to a place where someone else might :slight_smile:

Best regards


…what the heck just happened.