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Soooooo Close to Level Two


Well my evaluation period has ended and I meet every requirement for Level Two except my earnings are $7.20 short. Anyone else ever come so close to leveling up? December sure was brutal, but things have started up again. Looking forward to bigger things in 2019.
Guess I’ll have to wait another month. Tragic! :smile:

Update: I guess the Fiverr gods heard my prayers. I went to bed last night thinking I had missed the boat, only to wake up this morning to discover that 3 of my clients had approved their orders and put me over the top. I made it to Level Two!

Now it’s easy street, right? :smile:


Same here, I got down to New Seller after being Level 2, it is a little bit my fault because I haven’t answered messages a period and my response rate is 50% now.

To be honest, when I was Level 2, I got the same ammount of orders like now, zero, so the level thing doesn’t concern me anymore. Good luck.


This is exactly what happened to me last year. My mistake was I traveled and forgot to activate vacation mode. Came back to find 2 late and 1 cancelled order. To make matters worse, fiverr banned my best performing gig because i was apparently in violation of their TOS.

I am glad I finally go back to level 2 today. Will try to keep it that way. TRS seems like a tall order


So you have to wait more 30 days. :roll_eyes:


@nicolaevici1 If you can reduce your prices a bit, just to have some active mode on your gigs; That would be good to get more orders since you already done a good job. :star_struck: Good Luck!


Yeah, well if you get messages and orders constantly, it’s pretty easy to get back up but in my case, it’s hard because I haven’t received messages nor orders from new buyers and the process is very slow.

My best selling gig stopped from selling, I’ve messaged CS and they say it’s all fine and it shows in the search results. But like I said, I’m not very concerned with the Levels, I’m more concerned with this long silence when it comes to new buyers, when I was Level 2, nothing happened as well even though I’ve tweaked my gigs. Good luck in leveling up.


Hey thanks for your message, what is active mode? You mean to have more potential buyers interested in purchasing? Anyway, I’ve had a period (like a month) where my prices were very low ( I’m talking 40$, 60$ the premium gig ) just because of this reason, to attract buyers into buying, nothing happened.

I’m pretty sure the Pro gigs got in the way and the buyer would rather invest more money into that just because it has the ,Pro" badge. Appreciate your message anyways :wink:


Yes exactly.

hmm… so the price should not be the reason.

Yeah maybe that’s the case. You can also apply for “Pro”, just try it out. :blush:


I applied man, got denied twice…


You are right. What helped me was my return clients. When I got hit, I didn’t get any new clients for months. The only thing that helped me was I got lots of orders from some of my loyal customers. That helped to get back my ranting and now I have started getting new clients again.

I also noticed that sending bids on the buyer requests slightly improved the impressions to my gigs. Sadly, I have never been successful at getting orders form the BR. But I recall reading here of another seller who gets 70% of all requests she bids on. Still trying to figure out what I am doing wrong


I don’t think reducing the prices is a good idea. When you get demoted, the traffic to your gigs also drops drastically and a change in price wouldn’t bring the traffic back. Maybe promoting them on social media and answering to buyer requests would be a better approach.


I have some returning clients as well, they are the only ones who purchase from me. The buyer requests is a good idea for getting impressions on your gigs and even finding new clients, but the majority of them just want high quality/volume work for a ridiculously cheap price.

The social media thing is pointless for me, I know who is in my friends list on Facebook, they’re regular people who would definitely not buy music gigs.

As for not getting orders from Buyer requests, just present yourself, say hello and tell them how you can help them in a professional way. If they want to buy from you, they will. Good luck.


As a new seller BR has been bread and butter, interesting to hear it increases impressions?


I was level 2 seller and demoted to no level due to some order cancellations. but I’ve gathered all the requirement to be promoted right now. hopefully this evaluation will promote me up to level 1. and looking for level 2 in next month. :blush:


I’m one day off getting to level 1- all my requirements are met except for how many days I’ve been active. So frustrating!


Yes it is but Don’t worry, let’s be patient. you can get promoted next evaluation though. :slight_smile::+1: