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Sorry I have Newbie Question

I am sure this question has been asked a million times and I hope I’m not too annoying. I just joined and posted a gig. It says it’s active and if I do some searching I find it, but if I go through the categories and topics to where I posted it, it doesn’t show up at all. Did I do something wrong or is there just a delay until it shows up in the listing that way?

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No it just shows rated sellers first, you can find your gig but you have to search for it.

Welcome roxasjames on fiverr, Have you been checked all the pages in that list ?

welcome omarqataberi to fiverr forum you’ve tried well to explain.

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@netartica yes, the place I have mine listed has only one page and it’s not there. But the other response said it’s not there because I’m new and don’t have any reviews yet. Boo! lol


really the same thing happen as you told ? :smiley:

Thanks you guys for the information. I am so new. Hopefully I’ll get something soon so I can get a review. You guys are awesome.

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