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"Sorry, I Ordered By Mistake"

Has anyone else been receiving sellers who “buy by mistake”? This seems to be a confusing trend for me as I’m not sure how someone will place an order for $40 using PayPal by accident? Has anyone, as a seller, or especially a buyer, experienced this or can please explain it for me?


  • An improper way for buyers to place funds in their Fiverr accounts (esp. for large amounts)
  • Simply a mistake when using the mobile app with existing credits on Fiverr (I myself have experienced this before - a simple wrong click immediately deducts my credits)

I used to get one or two of these a month, but haven’t gotten any for a long time. It is a little weird that someone would claim that an order with a bunch of extras and gig multiples would be placed by mistake…

Anyway, as long as they accept the mutual cancellation, it’s not really that big of a deal, right? Just…annoying.

Yes it happened to me as well. I would browse gigs on a mobile device and poof the order is in. The system is very sensitive and I would really like for Fiverr to add a confirmation button. $40 though is weird.

As a TRS, I get this all the time! A few weekly! Fiver “Says” that Mutual Cancellations won’t affect us, but your cancellations STILL affect how your gig shows up in search results, even if the cancellation wasn’t our fault as the seller. I honestly find it only from brand new accounts, so I have always suspected that it’s haters (yes other sellers on Fiverr) who have too much time on their hands and want to hurt their competition (lame, yes). This is all just my opinion.

I have had the same buyer repeatedly purchase the same gig, and then will not submit to me the information needed to complete it. I have had to cancel his order over and over again. He does reply to any messages.

It is almost as bad as the constant shady characters sending me messages in broken english to order their gigs and they will order my gigs to level up.

Reply to @emasonwrites: It started off with a once a month for me… and now I’m getting an order each day!

Does the mutual cancellation affect the overall rating?


Reply to @willpower_hk: Why would someone want funds on their account? I mean, how do they benefit from this? (General question). Hm, I do believe the mobile one makes sense, I once bought something mobile and it was super quick, no need to confirm anything!

Reply to @annai80: I totally forgot that I have experience how easy it is to buy when mobile! But yes… manually adding all the extras and everything does seem odd! (It’s $40 because thats the average cost for a gig with extras!)

Reply to @acentius: According to what Fiverr has told us, mutual cancellations don’t affect your overall rating.

Reply to @acentius: on the why…if they fund their account then they don’t pay out as many fees each time supposedly. For every $5 gig there is a .50 cent fee.

Reply to @acentius: Maybe the buyer just said it was a mistake because they ended up going with a different seller :wink:

Reply to @meggananderson: Wow! That would be really horrible if it were other sellers doing this.

Oh well, karma doesn’t involve you lifting a finger.