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Sorry if it's been covered but, why isn't my gig showing up in search results?

I am relatively new here so please allow me to be frank in order to remain sane. I am a little bit at a loss as to why my gig is not showing up in search results. I created a swimming workout routine/packet specifically for Fiverr. I made a video (which is higher quality than most on Fiverr). I promote my gig through my youtube channel. I have been very specific with the title and description. I have used all of the key words throughout. My topic of swimming is not very competitive on Fiverr. There are only a handful of gigs relating to swimming, so it should show up on search results. The bottom line is that I have invested a lot of time into preparing this gig and there are two things that are concerning to me:

1.) Apparently there is no way to actually contact someone from Fiverr (or it is very well hidden to make it nearly impossible)

2.) There is no reason as to why my gig should not show up in a search for: swim, swimming, or swimmer because there are only about 20 gigs total on all of Fiverr that relate to those words.

If this site has a funky search algorithm, Fiverr should make it very clear to sellers what to expect.

Sadly, even though I know that Fiverr is the biggest site out there, I am seriously thinking about moving to one of the other sites just for the sake of sanity.

Any help here is greatly appreciated

I found your second gig in a search of the word swimming. I also made a new gig recently that doesn’t show up in searches. You can try asking customer support but may not get an answer.

I looked under swimming, swim and workouts and your gig is not appearing anywhere.

In the meantime try taking out “this is good stuff” from the title. Put the word swimming in a couple more times and play around with the tags and description. See if this helps.
Let us know if anything changes or you get an answer please.

I also found at least one of your gigs the first time I tried the keyword swimming. I found one under the keyword swim on the first try as well. I would agree that Fiverr has an unusual search algorithm. I’ve never seen a Fiverr staff member explain it, so I assume they deliberately don’t share how it works. I know that search isn’t a guaranteed feature for all gigs.

@misscrystal is right that sometimes they will give you some information if you ask Customer Support directly. You might have to wait several days for a response. Good luck!

Hi i’m the New Seller in Fiverr
I Also Made a Gig and that doesnt showing on search engine :frowning:

Thanks Miss Crystal, thanks for taking the time to help me out. Yes, my second gig shows up but the other one is the one I put so much time into. I just recently added the ‘good stuff’ to the gig title to try to mix it up and see if it help it to show up. Thanks again for your help

Yes, I have one that shows up but the other one is the one I would prefer to show up. Thanks for your help and I hope it starts showing up soon or I will have to move on, I’ve invested too much into the production of the gig to play games with a site’s search criteria. Thanks again

I know how frustrating this is and it doesn’t help to have no idea why, when you put so much effort into it. Is it possible it is showing up at the bottom of the listings for that category?
Have you tried asking customer support why?

I think they have recently had a major change in how gigs are listed in some way, so this may be some kind of bug. Hoping it gets fixed soon whatever it is!

Your video is FANTASTIC and I have one suggestion I hope you try:
edit it to take out the first picture of the feet on the board, and instead start it off with YOUR picture as you appear in the video. I’ve noticed fiverr likes videos where you see the person’s actual real face as the opening shot. I think this would improve it but
otherwise it’s awesome.
In fact do this before you send the question to customer support. I can’t imagine why that gig isn’t in the search for “swimming” unless it’s some kind of bug.

Thank you for the insight and your time. I’ll give it a shot

I would suggest leaving well-crafted gigs up for awhile no matter what you see or do with search. If you want to have services available on other freelance sites and your own website too, go for it. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t advertise your off-Fiverr stuff here. If you have extra time after all that is done, you can always play with tags/keywords later. Use buyer requests and other means to get noticed too.

I can tell you about one thing. I look at Fiverr search often while looking up gigs or sellers that are mentioned on the forum. There are tons of sellers on Fiverr that I’ve never heard of and never notice in search. Almost every day, though, I’ll find out about one if them through the forum, the podcast, or some off-Fiverr ad.

Many are making really good money even though I don’t see them on the first several pages or at all. How do buyers find them? It could be anything from word of mouth to selective searches using filters to great social media presence. It doesn’t matter. It’s been proven that Fiverr search is only one small factor in overall success. If you have good gigs and treat your profile like a business to be proud of you’re already ahead of the game.

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