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Sorry I'm new - Why has the seller filed a dispute?

A seller has filed a dispute after I have paid him and have been waiting on my order. He has sent me a message saying he can’t complete the order and has opened a dispute. It’s asking me to decline or accept the dispute. I have asked him if I’ll get my money back if I accept, but I don’t see anything saying I’ll be refunded. Any advice on how this works? Seems shady af but maybe this is how fiverr does business.

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What exactly does the dispute message say? It could be that he is asking for a time extension as well or has some other issues. Sorry about that, I know things like this can be frustrating.

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Hi Nellie,
If the dispute raised is notified with “Seller can’t complete Order”, upon acceptance, the order will be cancelled and the amount credited back to your Fiverr account.

Once you make a payment for any order, the seller does not get paid immediately, it is held in escrow by Fiverr until order is submitted for delivery and you Accept it.
Once accepted, Fiverr releases the funds to the seller after 14 days.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


It says,
"Hi i cannot finish the work due to personal problems, so i’m just cancelling it… sorry again. Then he sends me a link to click on. It’s asking me to “accept” or “decline” the dispute. I just want to be sure I’ll get my money refunded if I accept. Why would he have to open a dispute to refund my money? And he’s not responding when I ask him if I’ll be refunded. I’m trying not to be a chump here but it looks shady.


Thanks for the info, that’s what I was looking for.


Yes you will get a full refund.


To add to DJ, you will NOT get the processing fee, only the gig price.

Also, it will be a credit in your 5r account, it will not go back to you credit card or PayPal.

The next gig you buy (must be at or less than your credit), you will not be charged processing fee.


@djgodknows got it right, you will be refunded.


So who keeps the processing fee? Fiverr or the seller? Just curious.

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Upon cancellation Seller gets zilch/nada.

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So is this a fairly new policy? I remember being refunded in the past by a seller because she felt she didn’t do a great job but wanted me to leave positive feedback for her. She never opened a dispute, she just refunded me. I sell on a couple different platforms and have never seen a policy that requires a seller open a dispute in order to cancel a purchase. Normally you just refund someone.

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I had similar experience as you the first two times I bought here. Both sellers failed to deliver after the clock ran out. It was frustrating but 1.5 years later, everything has worked out well for me.

I’ve saved literally over a grand for my small business.

I’m sorry you had to experience this, but I recommend you give it another try with a different seller.

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Nope. Been there all along.

The latest major policy change has been the case of feedback removal.

Before sellers could offer you to remove the feedback by asking for “Mutual Cancellation”.
They no longer can do that. Once a review has been placed, it is set in stone, even after refund.

Only difference is, now the seller gets 1 chance to ask for review modification, if the buyer declines, then that’s it.

When you are dealing with a seller, you are not dealing with Fiverr, Fiverr is only the middle man who handles the transaction.
So Fiverr suggests all parties try to reconcile mutually regarding any issues.

That is why the process is as such.

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hey something similar has happened to me, what should I do? should I accept or decline to get a refund?

As others have answered several times already, accept the cancellation and you will get a refund.

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Hello DJ god , i really appreciate that you took the time to respond to NATALIE , i have also experienced the same issue with that personn on fiver who was completely unprofessional and was not giving me what I was requested .Mod Note:Image removed
she ended up giving me a dispute and say that if I accept the dispute it will cancel and refund me .
Thé truth is that I don’t believe anything from her anymore and as you stipulated above you were mentioning is the title raise say the seller can’t complete the dispute then it will be refunded .
Mine say something different she is saying the buyer ask for additional things that wasn’t agreed at the begining which is a cimplete lie but I want to make sure she is not trying to put the blame on me so they don’t refund me .
Please let me know .

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If you accept and cancel the order, you will get refund.

Like rahulkajla1 says, if you accept the cancellation, you’ll receive the refund (less any processing fee paid).

Thank you for the answer but how do I get to send that money back to my bank account ?
Please let me know as soon as possible
Thank you :slight_smile:

Your refund will be returned to your PayPal shopping balance.

Fiverr CS may be able to return this to the funding source, but you’ll need to ask them.

Good luck! :sunny:

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