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Sorry to say that I personally don’t like the Pay to promote option on fiverr

Sorry to say that I personally don’t like the Pay to “promote” option on fiverr ( Start promoting now to gain more visibility!). Because of that like me many experience sellers are not getting minimum projects in a month only because of visibility.
And the “Pay to promote” Fiverr strategy also going to loose couple of experience sellers, those are really not getting sufficient work from long time of period!
Yes! I know Fiverr do not guarantee anything about sales or visibility or Rank of a Gigs. But Fiverr need to be kind about experience sellers. Because I am passionate to work on Fiverr.

Thank you all
Happy May Day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You or many of us do not like that option but fiverr is a business and they are here for the same reason that you have ! MONEY !
So you may not like it but they do !


I have used the “Promoted Gigs” feature and it did bring me some new work.

However, I don’t use Fiverr as my only source of freelance income, so I don’t see a need for me to keep using it.

But when I did, it worked for me.

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