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Getting this error when trying to post a reply on my own thread. I am sure, I haven’t used any offensive language or something against TOC.

Attached is the screeshot.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: You should start your own thread about this.

I’ve been getting it randomly during the past week or so. It doesn’t seem to actually have anything to do with particular threads or the content of my comments.

If I’ve spent a few minutes composing, I’ll copy & paste it after I’ve visited another page or two and come back. Otherwise, I just move on. It’s certainly annoying, but not that important compared to some of the other bugs. IMO

Reply to @madmoo: I am not so easily thwarted! Mwahahaha. Yeah, it comes and goes.

I feel for the folks who may have a pressing issue & get pseudo-blocked, or the users who might panic over it, but I would hope that they would get in touch with CS with any genuine problems.

itsyourthing said: It's certainly annoying, but not that important compared to some of the other bugs.

You're right :) I just wanted to bring it to notice.

what happened to the fiver rising stars page?

Reply to @joeyperezwest: I had over 50 nominations at least over 2 pages, for “rising star” from a lot of my customers, does anyone know if that is normal or if there is a new page?

plus I wanted to nominate someone else who just joined fiverr and I am ordering from!

I am getting this message again :frowning: This time while posting on Fiverr order/conversation page. Cannot attach deliverables as well, so had to upload it on dropbox, and send a link to buyer. Somehow, the link got posted, other messages are not getting posted.

I just wanted to check, if anyone else having this issue, before raising a ticket.