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Sorry i do not what is happen!!!

Sheriff’s Note: This post was an advertisement in the wrong category. The content was edited originally and a sheriff’s note was placed here. The post author deleted the edits and the original sheriff’s note and replaced it with what you see in the thread now. The seller has been warned again about the forum rules on advertising.

please stop spamming the forums…

Spam warning.

i do not now what is happen

Reply to @hmida028: What is happening is very clear. In this forum category, you are NOT allowed to place advertising which includes sales, free offers or other things related to any gig you have for sale. When you attempted this advertisement earlier, it was edited for you and you were given a spam warning. Your other posts that were outside of My Fiverr Gigs have also been removed.

You may advertise ONLY in the My Fiverr Gigs section. After you posted earlier and you were issued a spam warning, you placed another post offering a free gift that is related directly to your proxy gig. That post has also been removed. If you continue to spam, it may affect your account. Do you understand?

Reply to @hmida028: The short answer is your ad posts belong in ONE category only: My Fiverr Gigs. If you continue to spam in other Forum categories, you’ll be banned.