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sorry for unnecessary work with me. but I have to wait long for the hospital on time.

and parkinson’s a new life with many Facet. as ms the disease of a thousand faces. since I parkinson they turn away many long friends of mine.

they think might contagious. when I come back we put all of the forward going. if you are healthy is the world in ordnung.hast a disease knows the barely.

the new project is already at the bund in Germany founding. and there need good partner evt. in a cooperative.
would not be if you can make zuverfügung a German human being.

since the parkinson Major tap difficult. Skpye etc all no problem. when I am there and act new tablets sign up

thanks to all for your understanding seller sincerely yours marco

Tut mir leid aber irgendwie verstehe ich nur Bahnhof.

Was wollten Sie uns denn eigentlich genau mitteilen?

I completely empathize. All the best with your efforts Sir!

Best wishes to you and welcome to fiverr!