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This is now just showing all the Pro listings. some in the first 8 have 0 sales but then you scroll down and there are ones with 100’s of sales. How does this work? I want to shop by proven track record for some items


Pro sellers are hand vetted by fiverr which means they are professionals in their field. Just because sales are 0 doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced. If you wish to see non-Pro gigs, you can switch off seeing them by toggling the Pro option off.

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That’s understandable but they should add a ‘Sort by Pros’ and leave the ‘Sort by Best Selling’ to that actual fact by sales

So do you thing that Pro seller is the professional designer and other designer are just junior or no experience ,
So what about if the non Pro seller has 5k plus jobs completed i have seen that there are level two seller has almost comoted 60K plus order,

You’re missing the point. I just want the order of gigs to be displayed how it says it is.

If there is a ‘Sort by Price’ then I expect it to be by price, if it is ‘Sort by Sales’ then I expect it to be sorted by number of sales.

Don’t worry too much about the pro sellers, very few people can afford their prices, so their market isn’t your market.

Success on Fiverr doesn’t always equal success outside of Fiverr. That’s why many amazing people will never be chosen as PRO sellers. If you don’t have an amazing resume, a ton of awards if applicable, a proven track record of success, you won’t be a pro seller, but you might become a Top Rated Seller, if you’re lucky.

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I’d make the most of using the sidebar search filters and keywords, or simply browse long enough until I find some gigs to shortlist (the “favorite” function is very useful for that, you can create different groups of favorites for your searches, e.g., ‘minimalist logo’, ‘vector file drawing’ or whatever)

Search and sidebar filters aren’t reliable either (if you use 2 or 3 keywords and one of them is a word many people have in their gig, you’ll get lots of utterly irrelevant hits, I even found that sometimes only using specific keywords but not a keyword that is very obvious to use, you’ll get fewer and better hits without the “white noise”; two of my gigs that should show up with 2 of the new filters for the translation category, don’t show up, etc.) but at least, they seem to usually follow more objective criteria than the relevant/recommended ranking.
The last 2 gigs I bought that weren’t from someone I already knew, I both found via keyword search and I was happy with both outcomes.

It would be nice indeed if all filters and keywords would deliver exactly what they promise to deliver.


Yes, this is the main point of the post lol