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Sort models by gender and race


First of all dont say this is racist, is just preference.
When trying to find a model for a product or hold sings is hard to find specific people.It would be good if you could sort sellers by their genders and race.

For example I’ve been trying to find an asian girl to hold a sign but after searching pages and pages I found one.

I dont think this is racist, if people want certain people for their modeling works then they will keep looking, why not make it easier?


just because you don’t think this is racist, doesn’t mean it isn’t sexist and racist.


I don’t think it’s racist but how would you put yourself into a “race” category?
How someone who is “mixed” would decide to choose for one “race” or the other?
I think this won’t fly


Sexist, racist, and more than a bit creepy.


So If I have asian audience and want to present a product, will I want to hire someone they dont identify with?
Is not racist, sexist or creepy.
Many sites have this feature, I can list them if you want :slight_smile:


I may add something which maybe would help to the topic.
For some jobs I literally struggle to find certain stock photos.
Mostly regarding Asians and African Americans.
I don’t understand why Stock Photos are full of caucasian/blond people!!!
I understand a little the OP’s thread. I consider it will not work because Fiverr should force people to categorize themselves into a specific “race” (I hate this word). But I also find it racist to fill a search engine from Stock Photos with "black woman… Asian man… etc"
But there is no other option :expressionless:


I’m sure you can, but they may not be the sort of website I’d want to visit.

I think introducing it as a search filter would be a bad idea.


Okay, that’s your opinion.


That’s what I’m saying. It’s unfair for minorities not having the chance to get known.
Just a near example, ebay has the feature to sort sellers by country, is that racist? hell no.


That should have more to do with shipping fees and the sort… I won’t compare it with this topic.
I had once a very big problem with a simple flyer, where my client asked me for a Stock Photo of an African-American woman on a yacht, with a glass…
I literally went over all known stock photo sellers online and I couldn’t find anything remotely similar to that simple picture… they were all blonde/white women :neutral_face:
I had to photoshop the whole work, the whole picture because I had no courage to say to my buyer “they don’t sell that kind of photos with African-Americans on them”…
Who’s the racist then?


That’s so you know where in the world your physical item is coming from, so you can take postage costs etc. into account.

As all Fiverr purchases generally don’t tend to be for physical items, it would be incorrect to compare the two.


So asking for gender or race is racist. Should colleges and univerisites be called racist for asking this when registering?
People have preferences, is not racist.


Call it ethnicity then you get less whiny comments.

It is in modeling quite normal to describe the ethnicity of a model that you are looking for. It is absolutely not racist to look for an Asian, Caucasian, Afro American or Eskimo model for a job.

So many whiny idiots these days.

To clarify: my friends consist white People, black people, Asian people (had a Chinese girlfriend), Jews, Christians and fill in the blanks.


Students have to physically attend college. As Fiverr sellers, we can be right next door to you or half way around the world.


I completely understand your reasoning which is why when you’re searching for a voiceover on a voiceover only website you can choose between many different voice types.

Fiverr is a huge marketplace, with that being said, Fiverr won’t introduce an ethnic/gender search because Fiverr is not a voiceover or modeling website.


I think this whole topic is very sensitive.
I personally wouldn’t come openly to ask for that kind of “filter”, because it would awake very deep and strong feelings into susceptible people.
We need to be professional and deal with this kind of problems, even when it takes 2 days to find what we need.
But that’s our job.
I consider the whole “race” topic not acceptable, even when it exists in Stock Photos or Modelling Business.


And by the way, a nationality is not a race. A religion is also not a race, while the racist card is played in this case very often by morons theses days.


Therefore, if I look for a VO artist who is capable of impersonating Morgan Freeman I want to be able to look for a guy with an Afro American voice, what would be a black guy. It shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe someone should start a gig for providing Kleenex for all this pathetic whining people around here.


But we are talking about pictures, not a work. Now if I was asking sort graphic designers by race that would be racist. But for pictures where the seller has to appear on it, is not racist…


Maybe we should not start a big discussion with this topic, as I’ve said: I think it’s very sensitive.
We can give our opinion and answer the OP’s question/ideas and move on.
Like I’ve said. I solve my problems in other ways than crying for help when there is trouble.
Others can do as they please.