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Sort models by gender and race


As @mariokluser says, change ‘race’ to ‘ethnicity’ and it’s clearer what you mean. I also agree that it’s perfectly normal for modeling work to specify gender or ethnicity, or even hair colour or eye colour or build etc. I don’t think that adding this option to the search will help you and I do think that it will be open to abuse by people who are racist and sexist. I think that sellers might benefit themselves by adding their ethnicity to their gig titles if they have a visual/modeling gig.


Some of them do that, and can be found by the search bar.


Temperature here is higher than my room.


It’s times like this that I always feel sorry for transgender black Japenese people. They are very underserved when it comes to targeted marketing.

More seriously, it is up to the OP whom he or she wants to hire. Saying otherwise is just silly. In fact, it is like saying that the next time a Hollywood director is casting for a movie, they should toss the names of random hopeful actors into a lottery machine and pick a few at random.


Just to add, sellers should have the option not to tell their gender or race/ethnicity, then when the buyer is trying to find the model the seller wont appear if he has not specified his gender.He will just appear if the seller is looking for anyone.


I think the best answer here was the one where it was mentioned some sellers have their ethnicity and gender in their title so people can locate them according to those traits.


Let’s not make this about race. Asking for special treatment for any single group of people based upon ethnicity or race… IS being racist.


We white Americans are a minority. We need special help.


Hmm. Maybe you should correct your quoted text above. I did not say what you quoted me as saying. That’s a quote from @oscar_98 .


Sellers can list their ethnicity and gender in their search tags and titles and profile. That way they can help buyers find them if buyers are looking by those terms. I can’t see Fiverr implementing a specific search for gender/ethnicity/race/skin-color/orientation/political-party/religion even though those are technically all things that a buyer might want to know.

If you are looking for someone to write about Catholicism, it would be nice to filter by religion if a seller chose to put that in the filter. If you wanted someone with a Romanian accent for your VO, it would be nice to filter by that. If you wanted someone to be hand model for dark makeup, you might want to filter by skin color. If you needed an intersex person to join your focus group for a possible movie on 25 variations of gender, that would be a good filter for you as a buyer. Those just aren’t feasible and if they were offered in such a broad marketplace, it would cause all sorts of problems and complaints. Maybe it should and maybe it shouldn’t, but it would.

I get your idea, but I don’t think they would do it. Perhaps sellers who are hoping for buyers who need them will read these suggestions (if the thread doesn’t go too bad) and those sellers can list the types of things that people might be looking for in their category. Problem solved. In the meantime, scroll, scroll, scroll.


I think that we need to check the demand for this kind of race and religion-themed search filter. In this case, I think I might see if I can cram ’ Feminist Black Chinese Catholic VO Artist and Gay Hand Model’ into a gig description.

If I get orders, we will be proving that there isn’t a demand for such a filter. If I don’t, however, we will be proving once and for all that Fiverr buyers are inherently prejudiced against feminist black Chinese catholic VO artists and gay hand models…

Such a dangerous social experiment! I probably won’t be so bold as to run it myself. However, it would be interesting if only to see if there is actually a demand for such services.


Have you tried posting a want ad in the Buyer Request (BR) section? That may help you out a bit but as for adding a filter to narrow search that won’t be taking place any time soon as there are other issues that have yet to be addressed nor fixed adequately. Try BR to see what you get; just be clear and detailed about what you’re looking for in the end product.