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Sort Seller Results By Time Zone

I am a buyer. When I am searching through seller profiles I wish I could sort by time zone, or within a certain hour range.

I see I can select a bunch of countries but that requires me to know what their time zones are.

The reason I suggest this is because I have hired people before who were 12 hrs different and communication becomes very inefficient. Even a couple hours overlap of both our working hours makes everything so much easier.

As it is now, when I find a potential seller I have to click on their profile, find their country, and then Google their time zone. This is a lot of work that could be easily taken care of by a filter.

I’m open to suggestions of how to deal with this, or any feature I’ve missed!


Agreed. Fiverr should convert all the times automatically taking into account both users. Something like in every message, profile, etc. showing both timezones - “17:53 (your time) / 03:53 (their time)”

It already shows your time on every message, it’s just a matter of adding the other timezone. A programmer can implement that in a day, tbh. They already have that variable somewhere, it’s just a matter of showing it.

I’ve had problems in the past with scheduling calls due to a wrong timezone conversion.


I believe that communication efficiency really comes down to the seller and not always based on their time zone. For example you have some sellers that work strict set of hours with set days off, they will only be active in those hours so being on the same time zone does not really matter.

I would say the best solution is finding a seller that has good communication skills regardless of time zones as this is really the most important element.

You can filter by online sellers to speak with sellers that are online or you can check the Avg. response time of the seller to gauge a rough idea on how long they may take to get back to you.

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One problem is there’s multiple timezones in the USA & Canada so you couldn’t always get one timezone from a country. Maybe timezones might change more often than a seller’s country (due to travel/daylight saving times etc. so that might mean updating a lot of seller records each time it changed - unless they coded it in a way that didn’t need that). But I agree they should add a feature like that. Maybe they might need to change how it’s stored though.

Maybe in the meantime there could some software that could be created/used (if there isn’t something like it/a website that does it already) where you gave it your country/timecode the number of hours difference you’d accept and it gave a list of all countries available on Fiverr within that range (something might need to be done for countries with multiple timezones for that) then you could select those countries only in the search filter - though that would only filter it by those countries and not sort it so the gigs with the closest timezones were shown first. Or maybe it could be done as an extension if Fiverr allowed.