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SOS! :( Withdrawal using Fiverr revenue card


I’m new here and I want to make my first revenue withdrawal, so I have a few questions regarding this matter:

  • I clicked on Withdraw using fiverr revenue card, and then i saw : Almost Done!
    Please check your email for further instructions on how to complete your transfer request.
    But i haven’t received any email, while Fiverr balance shows that the withdraw has been done successfully, and my Payoneer online account shows a balance of 0.00$. Is this normal?

I also would like to know how I can get the payoneer card shipped, should I order it via Payoneer or is there a way to do it via Fiverr?, and how much would it cost?

I would be grateful to receive your feedback
Thanks a lot!


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It will take upto 24 hours for the transfer of funds from Fiverr to Payoneer and then you will receive an email from Payoneer. Although Fiverr shows the info that it sent you an email, no email is sent by Fiverr actually.


It needs some time to be transferred from Fiverr to your Payoneer card. Do not worry just sit and relax.:relieved::slight_smile:

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Oh okay thank you so much. How about my other question about getting a payoneer card? Do you know where should I order it from?

You should have ordered the Payoneer card prior to withdrawing funds. However, I’m pretty sure that if you don’t have a Fiverr revenue card, clicking on the Fiverr revenue card button should have taken you to the application form for the card, not transfered your funds to nowhere. In this case, you will have to take this matter up with Fiverr Customer Support.

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You can sign up in payoneer site and fill up all the fields to get a payoneer card. They will take few days to send payoneer card to you if your all info are correct. They will not take any charge if you are not select immediate shipping.

And as you clicked on fiverr revenue card option a mail go in your mail id what you used for getting payoneer id. You will get a mail there and then you need to select from there in which method you want to withdraw like immediate or standard. If you select immediate you will get your $$ within 2hours in your card and if you select standard you will get your $$ after 2business days.

If anything make you confused don’t mind to ask me.

Thank you

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Thank you so much for your help

A word of advice in regards to @moupinky941’s comment - if you sign up to the card by going directly to Payoneer’s site, you will get a Payoneer card; not a Fiverr Revenue card. You should make sure you start your card request from within Fiverr. Why?

  1. If you get a Payoneer card instead of a Fiverr Revenue card, you will then still have to link that Payoneer card to Fiverr in order to make withdrawals. That process is kind of clunky at the time, and will also add more delays before you can get your money.

  2. Payoneer cards and Fiverr Revenue cards have different costs. The most important being that Payoneer cards have a fixed annual fee you have to pay, while Fiverr Revenue cards can be free as long as you make at least one movement per month (a “movement” is pretty much anything: a withdrawal, using the card to make on-line or retail purchases, etc.).

Regarding Fiverr’s e-mail: Make sure it’s not in your SPAM folder!

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@kiki1st, its safe and secure. It takes time to process😎relax

Hey. Thanks a lot for your feedback! I’ll keep it in mind

You are welcome. …

Yes… You are right. I was forgot about this. Thanks a lot.

Please help me… My Payoneer Account has been blocked. For this I can not withdraw my funds from Fiverr. Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh. How Can I withdraw my funds now ? May I add my MOM’s Payoneer Account on my Fiverr Account ? How to remove my disabled Payoneer Account from Fiverr and add My MOM’s Payoneer account ?

i haven’t recieve email can you guide me to

whattt? how payoneer block you? what you do? be honest, payoneer its a digital bank :confused: