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Sound like a fraud?

SO… I recently bought a spell service on Fiverr but the buyer wanted my full name and date of birth in order for this to work…exactly the sort of info fraudsters require. A lot of astrologers or psychics want this info. Sound dodgy?


Why does he/she need this info?so lame. make as spam

You can not mark an order as spam.

I would contact Customer Service at as buyers and sellers are not supposed to exchange that kind of information unless the seller has it written in their gig description that they will be asking for that info.

Still, I am not sure if it is allowed, so do contact CS. But be aware that because of the pandemic, they are a bit slow to respond now.


Thanks for this information. i will be carefull.

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It’s may spam, be careful mate.

How do you expect the spell to work without crucial information?


i have friends and family who are astrologers ect who would also ask for this information

in this case though i would give them your date of birth, but a nickname, something that you’re known by but not your actual name. they should be able to get it from candypink40 tbh

do you buy allot of these? i’m not judging, i have a dream interpretation brewing as we type, but i’ve never given more info that i was comfortable giving and i’ve been fine (i’ve never ordered a spell gig mind you)

Oh my god! What are u saying ! Be safe.