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Sound like a red flag?

I just had a person contact me about one of my social media gigs. The person who contacted me was telling me about their sites they want promoted. All fine and well. But something tells me, they may be trying to get free gigs?

So, here is what they were asking me:
Prospect - "Yes, this will work. Will you shot out my fanpage or my website?"
Me - "Yes I can do that for you."
Prospect - “Can I get a sample of exactly what u will be doing? I am interested in paying more than the $5 of course if this works.”

Then later on I explained more about the gig and gave an example of what I will be doing.

The prospect then wanted me to do a sample of what I will do for their website.

Prospect - “well my website is so promote any one of the posts on there.”

I do have ratings on this gig and they are great ratings, so I can’t see why the prospect wouldn’t trust the ratings and still want me to do a sample.

To me is sounds like a red flag as I had someone before wanting me to do all this work before paying me. I also have a feeling this person may be going around trying to get free work done? What are your thoughts?

Right. I’m even afraid to take an order from this person because who knows, they may order then decide to cancel after I do the work. Shrug. I let this person know i can’t do a sample but I can show them a sample of other work.

I agree, do not take the order. But I am confused. I looked at your profile and there is no clearly titled gig that say you promote someone’s website/business to your own social media pages, so which gig were they talking about?

And keep i mind offering fans to like facebook pages, is against the Terms of facebook and Fiverr is cracking down on that stuff. As is Amazon cracking down on any fake product reviews, meaning paid reviews.

Tell him that you aren’t interested to working with him, I think is trying to get a way with free work.

When he messaged me, he was inquiring about the Facebook fans gig. For this gig, I’m not doing it to get likes, the main purpose was to help them engage with their fans and get more fans. I would help them post about popular topics and find pages and groups where people are talking about specific topics. I hope that is okay by Fiverr’s TOS. I didn’t know they were cracking down on buying likes and things like that. I’ll have to check into that.

And as far as Amazon reviews go, I had people in the past just place an order with me so I would review their product that I would never receive. I always put on my gig, “PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST BEFORE ORDERING” on my gigs, but unfortunately, the order still came in. I used to have a gig where I would review their book, but only if they gave me a copy to read. Most of the time they did, but then I would get other people to order product reviews and wouldn’t even ask me if I did that…

I think it is a slipper slope. I just went to read your FB fans gig. A FB “fan” is technically someone that likes a page, so saying you will get them more fans every day on auto pilot is a little misleading. SOunds like you are looking to help them get fans/likes to their pages. Buying likes or fans, is technically against the terms of Facebook, which the makes it against the terms of Fiverr. YOu should maybe consider writing your gig to be much more clear if you are not going to promoise them actual fans, but just want to create better engagement with their current fans and hopefully organically generate more fans.

As for the Amazon thing…you can do product reviews for someone for their own site or own use, but if someone asks you to read a book and write a review for Amazon that’s considered a paid review even if you do buy the book. So just search the forums even here for Amazon law suit…or go google amazon lawsuit Fiverr…Amazon is suing supposedly 1,000 Fiverr sellers.