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SoundCloud link allowed in Buyers Requests?

I’m a Voice-Over person and a little puzzled by what is and isn’t allowed by Fiverr when it comes to linking to my SoundCloud page, so people can easily listen to voiceovers I have done. I’d love it if anyone here on the forum could help me further with this.

It’s official Fiverr policy (in Seller’s Advice) that you can link to certain sites - but only certain sites - including SoundCloud and Youtube. That’s official. I am a little surprised by this because obviously that’s leading people away from the Fiverr site, something that Fiverr is (understandably) keen to avoid. But it says in black and white you can put such a link in your “profile or description”. The link isn’t a hyperlink that people can click on, they have to highlight, copy and paste which is not very convenient, but still it’s a link. So I have put a link to SoundCloud in my Voice-Over Gig Description. I noticed that when I tried to put the same link in my profile, it wasn’t allowed, maybe because I had already put the link in my Gig description.

What I am unclear about is whether people are allowed to put a link to, in my case, SoundCloud in their responses to Buyers Requests? I have a feeling the answer is no, but I can’t see the official advice on this. I don’t quite see the difference in allowing such a link in your Gig description, but not allowing it in Buyers Requests.

If you have knowledge, backed up by an actual quote, of the official policy on this specific question of links in Buyers’ Requests, do please reply…

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Well, it seems to be difficult to get official quote on your question because it does not exist imo.

I checked ToS and Helps again but found nothing.

There are many forum users confirming that it is possible to share allowed domain links in response to Buyer Reques, but forum is not binding source of information.

The only official answer would be through CS, but maybe someone on forum has asked CS the same question before. It would be great to share a screenshot.

I am sorry I know I did not answer your question.

Thanks for trying blavaro. I have seen people on the Forum mainly say it’s NOT allowed, and a couple say it is, but it’s all very vague, and, like you, I can’t find official policy. I might indeed have to try CS because I am trying to get to the facts of the matter, not what people think.

A screenshot would be great if someone has asked this question before - specifically in relation to Buyers Requests…


I still try forum because CS are busy nowadays.

May I ask @coerdelion if they have some knowledge about links in responses to BR please.

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Do not take this as official in any way, but, if I had to guess, I would say that sharing permitted URLs in a BR offer is probably fine.

(Deductive) Reasoning: People like to complain on the forums. If people got in trouble for permitted URLs in BR, there would be complaints. Because there are no complaints (that I’ve seen), it’s likely okay.

I agree that having an official statement from Fiverr on this would be very nice.

(There are plenty of complaints about non-permitted URLs and bait-URLs.)

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Thanks for your feeling, which I share. So far so good!