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Source File - Attaching Section Not Found

A few days ago I sent a Buyer Request. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that I also provide him Source file. Today the buyer gives me that Order. After Completing my Work, when I go to attach the source file, There is no option to attach. Fiverr says that I just have permission to attach 20 images at a time. Now, I have to sent 60 images in a zip file. How Can I send the Delivery to my buyer?
Is There any system?
Can I send a Google Drive link? is that possible?
Please help… my time is running…

Can you click on the “Upload Work” button (the one near the top left of that image)? If so, you could attach the .zip file of 60 images there (as long as it’s no more than 150 MB).
You could also add a link (in the text box) to the images/zip file (with dropbox or similar) if it’s too big/or there is an issue with the button.

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Check Screenshot
it’s not working. what is alternate solution?

Take out the apostrophe ’ - Fiverr doesn’t like any punctuation in file names. :wink:


Thanks Dude. It works. Thank you so much. But unfortunately with so much anxiety, i send a email on fiverr support for help. So, Can i deliver this, before getting fiverr’s response??


Don’t worry about it - but if you want you can go back into the ticket and mark it as ‘solved’. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, I am not understanding it. Which link i should go? can you please give me the link?

If you click here:

it’ll take you to the helpdesk - you’ll see your avatar on the top right. If you then click the drop arrow you’ll be able to choose ‘my activities’ where you’ll see all your tickets. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank You so much for everything. :heart_eyes:

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You’re more than welcome - good luck! :sunny: