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Source File - Attachment Unavailable

I am facing a problem with source file, when I upload source files and deliver the order, all source files are visible and available to download but after 2 or 3 minutes It is showing “Attachment Unavailable”, and the buyer can’t download the source files, he is saying to me that there is no any source file available to download :frowning: and guess what? I have checked my old orders (1 year older something) all order source files are not available to download, It’s showing the same “Attachment Unavailable”.


anyone here, who have the same issue? :frowning:

Please help!

Thank You :slight_smile:


I’m facing same issue I report to fiverr support hope they will fix it :frowning:

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Thanks for your response,
Means I am not alone :roll_eyes: I thought It is my account issue. :neutral_face: but it’s not.

Hope fiverr will fix this issue.


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you should deliver the files in dropbox link , I had the same problem then I deliver the source files in dropbox link.

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I have facing same problem using my phone but in pc nothing happened. Sometime Internet problem may be cause for this issues. :sunglasses:

I had sent the source files through inbox (Fiverr Inbox), It is only issue on the order page.


May Be Not Sure! :neutral_face:

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I don’t think, it’s internet issue, because I can send the source files through inbox.

:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Its Okay Mate!

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Thanks :slight_smile: hope fiverr will solve this bug…

I’m also facing same problem :frowning:

Sellers are not allowed send an “empty” delivery The problem is in “Upload Source File” button but “Upload Work” button is working. seller must need to provide prove of work if seller make empty delivery then it’s again’st Fiverr TOS :slight_smile:

Text below is from the Terms of Service

Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)
The seller uses the Delivery system to extend the delivery due date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivered service to buyers.
Note: Multiple reported offenses will result in permanent suspension of your account.
The seller delivers no files and/or proof of work related to the agreed upon order requirements.
Note: Subjectivity of the materials in question will be reviewed by our Customer Support team.

I think, It is not problem in “upload source file” button, because all source files are visible in fiverr app (mobile version). So the source files are uploaded but not visible in pc version of fiverr.

I’ve got the same problem :confused:

I’m also facing same problem. i don’t know what happens in fiverr.

@melhak It is working fine on the fiverr app…

@ample_designs It is working fine on the fiverr app. (mobile version)

I am facing same problem

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I was faced the same issue. I got help of fiverr support and they fix it. And gave me advice to prevent that.

use Dropbox or Google Drive to send the files, in new delivery massage: include the message with the link of Dropbox or Google Drive to the buyer.

You can also contact fiverr suport via sending email :

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same problem with me