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Source file formats

fiverr denied my gig that the pictures im using are not orgional.i work on softwares like revit and lumion which are 3d sofwares and having there own files formates but they need the source files in psd and other,but my source files cant be converted to these formats? what should i do ?


Maybe explain (again) that they are created with 3d software and therefore they source format for that software is [whatever the format is]. You could attach a videoclip of you opening the file in that software.

And/or (and maybe this would be better) you could render the 3d image to a .tiff since that’s one of the format’s they are saying they’ll accept. Maybe render it in a bigger image size than can be found online. But maybe explain when you attach the .tiff that you created it in [name of software] and that it is your rendering.

A problem with uploading it as .tiff might be if they check the date/metadata of the file and see it’s created today, ie. later than another version on the web. But maybe explain the reason for that to them or explain the situation to them more.

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i have send them those source files they didnt accept it.and i wonder how fiverr dont know about these that there are other formats too.but still,i have created the psd files of those source file,as everyone knows that the source files are large and heavy and can be send through google when i send them now they are saying that they dont have access to google drive. how is this possible. im mentally tortured totally

please someone help in too much depression

Maybe just try attaching 1 .tiff of it to the support ticket post (with no other attachments). If it can be compressed enough to attach do that (if .tiff can have compression, if not trying zipping it) and attaching in the support ticket. If it’s too big for that try rendering at a lower res until it uploads.

But you might have to explain things to them again if they mention the creation date etc. of it/metadata.
Though if you rendered it at lower res/in another format they specified previously (if the file date/metadata date is long enough ago that might help) you could attach one of those instead if it will attach.

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this situation is too much depressing for me.i dont know about those technical issues of formats.i have done everything which they need.
now someone can tell me that my account and gig will be parmanently deleted just because of this ? and i should leave fiverr?

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If you can prove that you created the image (and they agree) then they won’t delete the account (they might not anyway - it’s possible they may give a warning though if they think it’s copyright violation).

If you’ve already created a .psd or .tiff try attaching whichever of those will attach on the support ticket instead of using Google Drive. Like I suggested try other methods if none of them will attach to the ticket due to size (eg. compressing).


thank you so much.i senf them on fiverr help support ticket.and my account recoverd and my denied gig restored

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Hi Muddassar,

I have an update!

After a further review, your Gig has been reinstated as well as your account.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

If you need anything else, let me know.

Take care,

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