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Source file information

As a source file of pdf, Which format I will send to the clients?

What? What do you even mean?

Source file is a file where you created your work. Is it a pdf where you created your work?

I create pdf design on MS word.Then What Will I send as a Source file???I am new on fiverr , please guide me.

I’m sorry but it still doesn’t make sense.
Let’s start here: what kind of services are you providing?

I design Resume in MS word.

The source file would probably be .doc if you designed it in Word, if that was the format you saved it as before you exported it as .pdf. That way they can edit the resume if they need to (it would need to be an editable format).

So send a .doc file (or something like that, eg. .docx if you saved it as that) as well as the .pdf.

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Thanks.It is helpful for me…

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editable file is source file means psd ai files

Then pdf also a source file . Cause it is editable.