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Source file is missing u.u

Hello Fiverr community! I really hope you can help me with this, I had a problem with an order, the customer told me he had to pick another gig extra because the source file gig, which he was asking for, it didn’t show when he was ordering the extra gig. He send me a screen capture of the issue, and then I could see that in fact, he cannot pick the source file gig as an extra to the order, but I could see it and so my others clients. As a result of this he was asking me for deliver the source file (.ai) of two gigs for not even the half price of one. So, because I refused, we decided to cancel (and he started to send me rude things by inbox)

As you can see, this bug is starting me to get into troubles, I have contacted fiverr so they can solve this, hopefully, u.u has anyone else had this issue too?