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Source file not included, but I have to upload it

Hey everyone!
In last week or two, I’ve noticed, that when I’m delivering orders, I have to upload a source file, even on basic orders where I don’t have source file in my offer.

Anyone else has the same problem?

This is not problem, you added source file on delivering orders. Or better to say, you added source file option in that gig option.

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:smiley: I count myself as a quite experienced seller and I wouldn’t write here if this would be a case. :slight_smile: I experienced this issue with each new order for the last 2-3 weeks, so something is not working right. :slight_smile:
I know a lot of newbies would ask this question and your answer would be correct, but it is not in my case. :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I have a small doubt. I’m a graphic designer and I’m doing product packaging design . So should I upload the source files when I submit in every modification? Sometimes, it’s hard to upload large files every time that the buyer requiring modifications. Please anyone can advise me about this?



It is so simple just add your work in source file and also in work file

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[matevzs1] did you found any solution to this problem? As I am facing same issue

No, it’s still there. I just ignore it now.