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Source File on Completion of the Order

I don’t no which category this post falls… Anyway this post is all about one of the biggest “improvement suggestion” to be taken with high consideration by fiverr

I am running a book design gig in my profile, I almost completed 2500+ orders.It is too late to post this suggestion… at least i have got time now to post it in forum. I hope someone may be already posted…

Whenever I submitted files for my clients there will be also option for the source file separately to be uploaded in fiverr in delivery popup
For example:

  1. I am providing a design as 1st draft and i submitting the design to client and i am uploading source files…
  2. Client rejects for first draft and asking for some more another draft … some may ask for more than 2 to 3 revisions
  3. Each time i am uploading source files

Problem is:

  1. Sometimes Source files are too big which i cant upload each time… for each revisions… as designers knows that difficulty as all revisions files will be in same single raw file… so we need to separately save file each time while uploading source file
  2. If i provide source file for each revision… then buyer will get all the versions of my work where buyer gets more than what the cost
  3. Each time i am convincing my customer that i will provide source file after the order completion as text in each message while submitting revisions… sometimes i may forget this
  4. Sometimes customers will cancel the order immediately as with message “Source file not provided as mentioned” though if i mentioned i will provide at last…

If there is option to submit the source file after the completion of the order that will be great for all sellers

All designers will be relaxed as they don’t need to provide source file for each revisions
please do consider it

Thank you!!

You could send it as a message, but I don’t recommend that because unless you deliver something as a delivery (via the green button), Fiverr can’t protect you. The buyer could try to get a refund and then run off with the file.

This is also why I would never send files as a draft. Only send things via the delivery button.

Yes, I agree with you. Fiverr is a project management NIGHTMARE for dealing with large files or a lot of files.


Yes i do accept… but what i am saying is to provide that same delivery button at last after the completion of order to provide source file

So in case, even if order is cancelled … it is better from seller side that he/she will not provide the source file

Sometimes orders will be cancelled but i will be also provided the actual source files… its win win for buyer… then what is the point for fiverr to provide images with watermarks… so anyone can open order and then can do what they want and they can cancel it and they will be getting a source file

Of course. But you only need one button for that. Either all files (export and source) are revoked or none.

What you’re proposing already happens. No one can access the source file until after they’ve accepted and purchased the order (assuming you’ve sent it via the delivery button). And revoking the access with a cancellation of a completed order wouldn’t revoke the file from their computer. What you’re proposing does not prevent anyone from maintaining access after an order that was cancelled after it was marked completed. And no one has access until the order is marked completed.

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Thats good

Sorry i do no about that buyer is having that option … because i have never order anything through fiverr where i will get source file as back

Anyway thanks for the information

That’s because once the order is completed you can’t revoke access to files. Nothing you can do can change that.