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Source file upload Button not Appearing, can't upload source file plz help

when i try to deliver my work SOURCE FILE UPLOAD button is missing. please help me asap.
i have to deliver work soon.:roll_eyes:

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Is there a source file upload button? I’m not a graphic design person, but I’ve never seen it before.

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yes. i upload my first order and finished, and i get another order from same gig. now i’m facing real problem. the button has to be on right side. :disappointed_relieved:

Interesting. I’ve delivered 100+ orders, and I’ve never seen it before.

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Hi. Did you get your source file upload button?? If You don’t find, I think you can use upload work button for uploading your project files. And If you upload any image file you could show the preview of your image.


can i upload zip files too?

Yes you could upload zip files and only image file will show the preview.

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thank you i will try it.:relaxed:

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If you want to show your work similar this
When you will deliver the order always use a image file along with your project folder zip or any other.

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Put the files in the zip folder.

I have seen this problem first time