Source file


How much should i charge for the source file?


I would check other high rated sellers and see what they charge on their gigs.

I do not think you can charge too much however. BEcause you really aren’t making anything extra, only sending it to them. So for now maybe start for $5?


thank you for your help


To my mind, the source file can be very important to the buyer because it gives them the building blocks of your creation. I would charge $20 but it depends on how well your gig performs.


got it thank you


Since you are in need of sales and reviews to build your reputation, I would use source files as leverage. Most sellers charge anywhere from $5-25 dollars and a skilled seller with thousands of sales might charge much more. For a new person, stating a limited-time offer for free source files (especially vector) could help you sell more.

After you get level 1 or 2 you could slowly increase the price of extras if your buyers are happy with the work. I have purchased images from new sellers myself because I needed source files and didn’t have a lot to spend.


thank you for guiding me.


A little off topic but how do I add the ‘source file’ chg after an order is appvd.


Great advice… Thank you!


I usually charge the same as a commercial license.