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Sources files in quick response

Good day,

I’m an illustrator currently doing an order for a children’s book and all my work for it are finished, my client wants me to send my source files to him via quick response first instead of the “Deliver” option so that he could check if the source files would fit properly when layouting in KDP. So what I’m asking, is it advisable to send your source files to your client via quick response first before considering it “final” or “finished” for delivery?

Hoping for your kind response. :slight_smile:


No, do not do that. Send it through the order. If the client finds the source files do not fit properly they can ask for a revision. Otherwise, they could steal your work.

So, tell your buyer you will gladly send the file via the Deliver option and if they have an issue, you will correct it.

I suggest you change your revision offering from unlimited to three or four. There have been sellers on the Fiverr Forum who have been asked to do revisions months after the order closes and because they had unlimited revisions on their gig CS has supported the buyer.


Ok, then how would I properly ​tell my client that I will send my source files via “Deliver” option as oppose to quick response without raising doubts towards the client??


Does your buyer want you to deliver through the inbox?

If you deliver that way there is not a watermark on your images and the buyer can steal them.

Say to your buyer, (you can just copy and paste this.) :arrow_down:

Fiverr does not allow sellers to deliver orders anyway other than through the Delivery Button. Therefore, I will deliver your source file that way and if there are any issues, I will happily revise them for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@tiquiajomari Quick Responses are not for delivery. The are for you to make messages and save them so you do not have retype them and can respond to buyers quickly. I have many of them ready to send to buyers. I have two different ones thanking the buyer for their order. I have two different delivery messages. I also have one that says I am busy talking to another buyer and will be with them soon.

I think you are confusing Quick Responses with the inbox.


Actually, this is my first encountering a client asking for my source files via quick response instead of delivery. In my past experience in Fiverr, I never encountered this before my clients never asked for my source file. Oh and by the way, this current order I’m working on is my first Fiverr order in 5 years.


Maybe your client is confusing Quick Responses, but @vickiespencer is right: do NOT give them the source files in any way other than the Delivery button. This is giving off all kinds of red flags.

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I third what is above: this person is asking for something dangerous to you.

You give them source files in Deliver and never before. If you have checked they work in KDP (assuming that is even a “deliverable” noted in the job) they should work - occasionally they don’t but that is why god invented Revisions.

This person may be asking for this out of being clueless or they could be hoping that you are clueless. Either way, extremely unprofessional to try to force you to trust them in ways they don’t seem to reciprocate.

Deliver formally when you are confident that you have covered the Brief.



Thank you for your kind response and help everyone, this current order that I’m doing is my first Fiverr order I received in 5 years and I want to do a good job to this work especially if I want to do this full-time. :slight_smile: