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South african musicians looking to collaborate with international artists

We are a group of South African award-winning album producers, called Chosen Music Group, better known as CMG and we are looking to fuse our creations with dope ideas from all over the world. We pride ourselves as South African musicians/producers but we make sure our music keeps up with international standards. We love the idea of spreading our music far and wide, to people who love and appreciate the art for what its worth.

We are in the middle of setting up a SoundCloud account so you can listen to some samples of our stuff but in the meantime, there’s these two YouTube videos where you can get a feel of where our talents and skills lie:

So we are looking to work with internationally based artists and fellow musicians on making some magic. We’re pretty much an all-rounded group of guys who can provide sessions (drums, keys, strings, bass), as well as provide you with hip-hop, EDM, house, R&B beats/instrumentals. We can also help to mix and master any track you may already have recorded and we can even create jingles for your product or business advert from scratch.

If you have a cool idea for a song and just need a really catchy hook to go with it, we can help you with that too. Or if you’ve already spent all your time and money on a studio recording that just didn’t quite come out right, we can help you fix your recorded track to sound perfect for a fraction of the price of extra studio time.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us kick off our Fiverr career, 'cos we’re really good and the world deserves great music. Check out our profile to see if there is anything we may be able to help you with. If you do not find a gig to suit your needs, won’t you please inbox us and let us know. We aim to please. And our motto is ‘we aren’t happy until you are’.

We’re really excited to be on Fiverr where we can share our music with the world at affordable prices and we’d like to thank all those who are going to be a part of our journey in advance. Thank you for your dedication and love for music. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your time and thank you for your support.

Kind Regards