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Spam and Response Rate

Hi all!

I know there have been several comments over the last few months about response rates, but I’ve had a strange one over the last few days.

In quick succession, I had 2 messages, both of which had been marked as spam by someone else so I hadn’t been able to respond to them. I’ve had this before and my response rate dropped as a result.

This time, however, when I checked my messages several hours later (no need to check if I don’t get a notification - or so I thought) both messages were still there and waiting for replies as the spam status had been lifted.

So, my response rate has gone down again, despite the fact I couldn’t reply to them when I was first notified - how does that work??

Stupid metric delivers stupid results :slight_smile:

re: the spam thing, sometimes it’s genuine buyers who have fallen foul of the spam filter because they’ve sent the same request out to a lot of sellers. Just click on the…uh…unreport button?..and you’ll be able to see me the message. Respond appropriately and relax.

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Cheers for that emmaki - I just thought that once it was marked as spam, it was spam and couldn’t be replied to!

Confused me when I found it had been unmarked as spam!

Someone else may have more accurate information, but when you report a message in the inbox, it automatically gets marked as spam, but for some reason after a few hours (not sure how many) it gets unspammed. It’s all a bit confusing really! Sometimes you might click on the message and you’ll get the “no profile” return to the homepage of Fiverr. In that case, having done nothing wrong yourself, your response rate is going down. Like I said, stupid metric delivers stupid results :wink:

Once in awhile you can’t respond because the user has been totally blocked. If that happens and your rate is affected, you have 2 easy choices. If you ignore it, it will go up on it’s own (slowly.) If you submit a ticket and tell them it’s due to spam, CS will usually restore your response rate to 100%. To me, it isn’t worth the time to submit a ticket since the rate always goes back up pretty quick.

Thanks for clearing it up for me - I’ll know what to do with them now!