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Spam buyer


I am new in Fiverr. In a month I reached level 2 seller with 99% positive reviews. I have two GIGS: design a logo with two proposals in 72 hours and a 3 html+css responsive website.

I also made my first two custom offers. My earnings increase to $450 and up, until …

All went all right, just focusing in delivering great gigs and experiences. Until I buyer ordered a GIG and problems started with this strange buyer: first he did not submitted all the information for completing his GIG, then on delivery he asked for modifications that were not included in the GIG. A really lack of coherence.

Well, first I tell him those modifications would need custom offer, he did not answer, then I request a cancel and kindly told him to keep all the files for making changes with other web designer.

He did not accept cancel.

Then he started to buy more of my GIGS, 4 in total. I do not understand why a buyer that is not happy with my work order 4 more GIGS. And again in those other orders he did not provide complete order information, just what he wanted to :stuck_out_tongue: just crazy.

I thing this could probably be a spam buyer. Is this possible? Does this happens in Fiverr?

I submitted a ticket on Customer Support but haven’t receive any message.

I can deal with this, Is ok if one customer wants to hack into my positive reviews, I think I can recover from that. But now I feel I am like banned from receiving more GIG orders. I was receiving 4 or 5 a day and now I am not receiving anything.

What can I do? Can someone give me advice of what I have to do?

Kind regards,

Mowgly :wink:


Unfortunately, it does sound like you’re dealing with some sort of a spam buyer which is pretty unfortunate for them because this buyer will never get those processing fees back. Just report it to customer support and this user will hopefully be banned if they have been behaving like that to other sellers. That’s all you can really do, along with requesting cancellation. Hope this helps!