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Spam buyers/spam orders

Hi everyone, I am very new here. I am working for fiverr for 2 months now I am starting to face some problems. Within the last 2 days I have recieved 4 orders from people that always order the same gig and don’t give instructions at all or the give instructions like (TOP, THANKS, NO, etc) or something that I don’t even offer. Evertime I cancel one order, I immediately receive the next order with the same behavior for the same gig and same instructions or no instructions.

I reached out to the CS and reported the buyer however fiverr doesn’t really help me and the CS neitehr as they say I can only cancel the orders. I have the feeling that someone wants to hurt my profile as I’ve become a really great seller in a very short period of time (which I myself didn’t expect but I was working like 12 hrs per day for it). So now I don’t have any chance that someone wants to get me out of fiverr. I feel a bit helpless in this situaiton and fear that I can lose against this behavior and lose my seller level or that my gig gets hurt a lot so that I don’t get any orders any more.

Does anyone has/had a similar problem? What did you do in order to cope with it?

I really appreciate your time to respond
Thank you so much,


It could be a competitor of yours trying to get you a bad review so that customers would go to them? What service did you offer? If it was a smaller market then there’s probably more chance of it.

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Yes I am in a very small niche. I am offering ghostwriting in German language. But the orders are always coming from people from France. At least that says their profile. The woman from the CS told me she will have a look at their profile. However I am not sure if they do anything as it seems that this person has several accounts. I am scared now to even cancel because then I will receive the next order and all these cancellations they hurt my profile and my performance. I cannot understand why people do this.

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