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Spam dropped response rate

Recently I’ve received 16 spam messages in my inbox within approx. 3 days. I instantly marked them all as spam without responding. Normally this shouldnt drop your response rate… right? Well, mine has dropped from 100% to 41%. I’ve already contacted support and they keep explaining that I need to respond first before marking as spam, which doesn’t sit right with me. What’s your experience/thoughts on this matter?


same problem! mine goes to 83, from100

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The solutions of this just maker those message as spam so that will not effect on your response rate.

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When you received a spam message then you can reply just “hi/hello” or thanks then you marked this massage as spam.


Well, that’s exactly what I did with every message within the first 24 hours. It’ll say:

'Are you sure you want to mark this message as spam?
There is no need to reply to spam messages, it will not hurt your response rate.’

Yet they still drop my rating if I do not reply, seems like a bug to me :frowning:


Yes it’s a bug. You HAVE to reply first, then mark as spam…


i don’t think we should reply we can simple mark as a spam

They did made a valid point. If system detects it’s as a spam message it won’t hurt your response rate. So as soon as you receive the message, you need to respond.

Do what you want. Me, I reply before marking as spam