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Spam effecting my response rate


Hi there,

I have been spammed twice in the last month by users that were then removed. Fiverr has said that these occurences dont effect my ‘response rate’ but thats not true. My response rate has dropped to 67% and I have responded immediately to everyone else that has contacted me.

How can I get my response rate changed back to normal and take out the spam contacts??




None of us here on the forum can help with this. You need to contact support team and ask them to look into that issue.



How effective have you found the Support Team?


Depends on the issue. They will always give a general answer first, so try to ask to check them precise issue and check for any bugs etc


You can mark them as spam on a computer. Sometimes I even block spammers.


The first response to a message is what counts. If it’s “spam,” I just write. “Sorry, I can’t help you with that.”

My response rate is 98%. There are spam messages you can’t answer, because Fiverr marked them as spam, and sometimes you can’t unmark them. I think that’s why I’m at 98%.

67% is very low, do you have the Fiverr App? This will help you answer wherever you are. Even if you write, “I’m about to go to sleep, can we talk about this tomorrow?” Is better than saying nothing.

  1. First go to your inbox
  2. Filter messages by “Unread”, if you have read all the messages then go to next step.
  3. Find the legitimate requests to which you haven’t replied

This will fix it for you.


Thanks for your reply.

So if I don’t reply to messages that are then identified as spam by Fiverr, even though they say at the bottom of the message that this wont effect your response rate, it actually does effect your response rate. Nice one Fiverr

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I don’t have any unread messages, I answer all legitimate enquiries very quickly


Just reach the Support and inquire about the same. Sometimes, the system doesn’t refresh the stats. The CS will do the needful for you.

Good Luck!!


It’s a weird system. Just like your order completion rate is affected by buyers who order by mistake. Not your fault, but you’re still punished for it.

My rule of thumb is, when in doubt, reply. If the spammer becomes annoying, block him. If he insults you, report him, then block him.

Also, every time you get an order, you should reply with something:

Hi whoever,

Thanks for your order!
I will deliver before the deadline.

Best Regards,
your fiverr name

If you don’t do this, your response rate will go down, and you’ll get lower reviews for communication.

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Yeah it is a weird system and I’ve been effected by a mistaken order as well. Thanks for the tips!

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Support got back to me very quickly with great info about why this issue was happening. Their response…

"Kindly remember your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first responses you sent within 24 hours over the last 60 days.

Reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours."

So I just needed to report the message as spam and that would have been my fast response. Good to know for anyone in the future.