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Spam email that doesn't affect response rate %?

I got one spam email today (again, sigh) and noticed that the senders account was immediately disabled, so I couldn’t respond. I was thinking to myself -> not again, % will go down, etc… And then there was this small informative message below “this will not affect your response rate”. It seems it didn’t affect my stats/response rate yet. If they solved this finally, that’s great! Anyone else had similar experience lately?



Not yet.

This is definitely new! :hushed:
I guess after listening to the noise they decided to fix the issue. :tada:

Btw~ Happy :cake: Day! :sunglasses:


Yes, I have had a couple like that and some I manually marked as spam without replying and have not been penalized.
Note: When I did it, the message seemed to be auto-deleted so don’t do it until you are sure it is spam!

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I always “unspam” it, just in case, you never know when it will work or not.

Messages are moved to “spam” folder. It is ridiculous how many people spammed me over the years lol