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Spam in Buyer requests

I am seeing a lot of spam in Buyer Request, Most Users Posting Link of same website from different Account and saying that we must first see there work and they want something like this, But in actually its a trash page on free blogspot domain. There are baiting us to visit there website to increase there traffic, Most of these Users from South Asia.
I Suggest Fiverr team to please give us some kind of option to know more about buyer in buyer request. Because I only get 10 request per day and I don’t want to waste them on a Spam.


I am also facing this problem

I’ve made it a habit not to ever open any links attached to a buyer request. I don’t even open random links attached to messages from potential buyers. Except the buyer and I have come to an agreement as to what I’m working on.


I have seen many requests having bit. ly links which directs us to youtube or youtube links. They just do it for views. What I do is, I report their channel and dislike the video and include a comment of spamming. ( such buyer requests have a budget of $400, when they are begging for views and using unfair means to get views lol)


I can’t hold myself from replying such spammers, I tell them in offer if they don’t support doing spam I report them to fiverr support

This happens 10 times a day, every day in the last 10 years.

No progress there.


really it’s a bad experience. mee too i don’t waste my 10 buyer request. fiverr should a step for it.

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Don’t open the link and ignore it. They won’t get any response and will stop posting spam requests. But…I mean why doesn’t Fiverr take a notice of this :thinking:

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I have seen such request few days ago. Actually they will not response when you knock them. Spammer shouldn’t be on Fiverr.