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SPAM is affecting my Response Rate


Help please :slight_smile:

My response rate is in the RED, due to multiple spam messages that are not only i my inbox, but also marked as spam (making them unable to respond to) by the time I even click on them to respectfully decline.

Please provide guidance on how this is affecting user’s response rates and what may be done to ensure that this isn’t negatively impacting those of us that are in integrity with responding to prospective clients.

Thanks for all!
StevieAnne Petitt


It’s an issue that effects many users. I’ve seen people sending a response notifying them that they’ll be reported and only then blocking them.


These spam message does not have any impact on your response rate/sales. You can just ignore them.


Does or doesn’t?


Edited , thank you :slight_smile:


yeah … a few days ago I received a message in my inbox: “Hi” :rolling_eyes: