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Spam Massages Shouldn't count for response rate

Whenever I get spam massages, I need to unspam it and reply there. And if I don’t my response rate discrease.

Why fiverr counts time for spam massages?
Please fiverr stop counting “Response Rate” for spam massages.

Most of the common spam massages are about “Making US Calls”

I get this kind of spam massages.

Yes I also get this kind of massages and If I don’t unspam it it cuts my response rate.

I used to tell folks to contact Fiverr support. They used to fix it. Now apparently, they don’t. I went round and round with CS about this the last time it happened and finally, they just ignored me. Great service for their 20% commission ain’t it? For the record, it been a bug since their site update at the end of September 2015, they just refuse to admit it exists.

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Totally new seller. My FIRST message was spam and I marked it so. Then I get a legit message and my response rate is 50%. LAME. I’ve had one since then, but it still sucks to have a low response rate when I’m replying in <5minutes to all communications so far.